Mercedes-Benz Turk Has Filed A New Patent Application For Electric Bus Tests

Mercedes Benz Turk Has Filed A New Patent Application For Electric Bus Tests
Mercedes-Benz Turk Has Filed A New Patent Application For Electric Bus Tests

Taking part in the R&D activities of Mercedes-Benz's electric buses, Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus R&D Center has applied to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for a special patent for the Hidropuls system for the tests of electric buses. In the Hidropuls test unit, which is located in Hoşdere Bus R&D Center and meets the conditions equivalent to 1 million km road conditions of a vehicle, endurance tests of buses are carried out.

Thanks to the new invention regarding the dynamic test stand, it is possible to perform strength tests of ceiling components and systems of electric buses under multi-axial loading conditions. During the development of electric buses, additional components are positioned on the bus roof. Tests on conventional multi-axis simulation tables revealed that components are subjected to very large amplitude loading conditions that do not actually exist. In this direction, thanks to the new invention for which a patent application has been made, real customer usage conditions for ceiling systems of electric buses can be simulated in the test environment.

Save time and cost

In the tests performed with Hidropuls, the results related to the design life of vehicle roof systems can be determined in a very short time, such as 3 weeks. In this way, very fast actions can be taken during the development phase of the products.

Thanks to the fact that the new patent pending invention allows roof system tests to be carried out as a whole, the need for bad road track tests, which are much more costly, is also reduced.

The new invention, for which a patent has been applied, is used not only in the testing of ceiling components, but also in the strength tests of different components and systems with large surfaces and large geometric dimensions. With the developed test method, life tests of all components and systems on the ceiling of electric vehicles, such as the carriers of the battery, side aggregate and fuel cell tubes, as well as their side panels and maintenance covers, can be performed.

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