Mamak Urban Transformation Project Continues at Full Speed

Mamak Urban Transformation Project Continues at Full Speed
Mamak Urban Transformation Project Continues at Full Speed

📩 25/04/2022 14:26

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to complete the Mamak Urban Transformation Project and to eliminate the grievances that the citizens have been experiencing for years. The teams of the Department of Urban Aesthetics and the Department of Science and Technology are cleaning the excavations of the slums in Boğaziçi and Akşemsettin Districts, which cause security and environmental pollution.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its works 2008/7 to end the urban transformation project in Mamak, which started in 24 but was never completed.

Planning to complete and hand over 4 residences to the beneficiaries at the first stage, the Metropolitan Municipality has also accelerated its efforts to clear the slums that threaten security and environmental health from the region. The teams of the Department of Urban Aesthetics and Sciences started to clean up the excavations of the demolished slums in Mamak Boğaziçi and Akşemsettin Neighborhoods.


Stating that they have collected 5 trucks of construction waste so far within the scope of the work that will last for approximately 357 months, Ahmet Turan Söylemez, Head of ABB Urban Aesthetics Department, gave the following information:

“There is an urban transformation project in the Boğaziçi Neighborhood that has been carried out by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality since 2008. This is an urban transformation project that will prevent squatting from the past, and contracts were signed with approximately 5 thousand beneficiaries within the framework of this project. This area was evacuated in 2008 and the area turned into a depression. Many demolitions, construction scraps, some irregular settlements in some of the buildings that did not collapse, and various activities began to disturb the residents. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we intend to improve this place. For this purpose, with the guidance of our President, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, we entered the region with our Department of Science Affairs. Our aim is to collect construction waste and pollutants from this region.”

Emphasizing that with the cleaning of the slum ruins, the security and aesthetic problems have disappeared and they are breathing a sigh of relief, the residents of the neighborhood expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Sefa Demir: “This place has been in a semi-ruined state for about 15 years. Because of this, people using alcohol and drugs used to come here a lot. After the work done, this situation disappeared. Citizens used this place as a walking path, but they were disturbed by the visitors. So it was very good work. It has been very successful in terms of both safety and aesthetics.”

Mehmet Tara: “I've been sitting here since 1966. We are very pleased with the work. There was a lot of visual pollution, there were problems in terms of security. We will be even happier when people's grievances are resolved, thank you very much.”

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