Istanbul 2021 Annual Report Presentation was Held

Istanbul Annual Report Presentation was Held
Istanbul 2021 Annual Report Presentation was Held

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, made the “Annual Report Presentation” for 2021. Imamoglu visited CHP, IYI Party, AK Party and MHP groups before the meeting. In Yenikapı, Dr. Attending the IMM Assembly meeting held at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center, İmamoğlu congratulated all members for the month of Ramadan at the beginning of his speech. Reminding that approximately 2 years of their term of office passed during the pandemic process, İmamoğlu said, "The pandemic also teaches humanity a serious lesson about how to question certain things and how to behave in certain matters."


Before the annual report presentation, İmamoğlu made a summary about the conditions Turkey is going through. Saying, “Today we are going through a crisis spiral that has never been seen in our history,” İmamoğlu said, “Economic management causes avalanche hikes in all areas of life. Policies far from science have made life expensive, triggered unemployment and plunged 85 million of our people into poverty. On the first day of 2022, they increased electricity by 127 percent. In the last 3 years, each household's electricity bill has increased by 400 percent. Gasoline increased by 169 percent and diesel by 230 percent in the last year. In the last year, sunflower oil increased by 138 percent and toilet paper by 90 percent. Again in the last year, wheat flour increased by 109 percent and chickpeas by 75 percent. Unfortunately, nearly all supply chains in the country have been broken. Pharmacies are now struggling to supply medicines.”


Emphasizing that the government is responsible for the economic destruction experienced, İmamoğlu said, “How the country's economy is managed directly affects everyone, every institution and institution, as well as local governments. It also affects Istanbul. The economic policies of the government are the cause, the reflection of the input costs of the municipalities to the service prices is the result. And it is not possible to solve the economic problems of the cities without improving the country's economy. Stating that the income-expenditure balances of the municipalities are upside down due to the process, İmamoğlu said, "We see that this situation will force us to make a new revised budget towards the middle of the year."


Pointing out that the share they allocate to social assistance from the IMM budget has increased at historical rates, İmamoğlu said, "As if all this is not enough, we are also faced with the attempts of the government to prevent the services and investments we are making, and we are faced with a new seizure movement every morning. You know; It was announced by the most authoritative mouth of this country that I would be made a 'lame duck' with the power of the majority in the IMM Assembly. That day is today, every morning they come up with a huge new invention to prevent us.” İmamoğlu summarized the "inventions" brought before them by the political power as follows:

"For example; Although we are one of the largest public institutions in this country, we cannot obtain financing from public banks for the public investments we manage. We do not have access to public funding. For example; We haven't been able to get approval from Ankara for 1 year for our metro investments, whose project and financing we have prepared and which will serve millions of citizens. For example; We cannot obtain external financing permission for our projects that will bring Istanbul a new age in infrastructure. For example: They are changing the structure of UKOME so that we cannot bring the taxi order that it deserves to Istanbul. There is a person talking, the rest raises and lowers his hand.

For example; In Galata Tower, Gezi Park, Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci, they are chasing regulations that will disable the IMM. For example; Preparations are being made to seize museums and mansions such as the Basilica Cistern, which has been under the administration of our municipality for 70 years. For example; When we want to reflect the costs arising from the unscientific management of the economy in IETT, Metro and İSKİ, fifty thousand types of obstruction are applied.”


İmamoğlu used the following statements when teasing from the AK Party desks saying, "You were saying that you would make transportation to students free of charge before the election":

“We said we will have a student discount before the election. We have reduced the card you sell to students for 6 lira to 85 lira, when diesel was 40 lira. Diesel was 20 lira. Currently, the student card is up to 109 liras. With the last raise you say; 'Sell for 78 liras. Then sell it for less than the 85 lira you sold.' You made 20 liras of diesel, you say 'sell it for 78 liras'. I say to the friend who told me about populism, this and that; God bless you. Shall I tell you this? Go to your own children and tell them about it. Tell this to your own youth; they laugh at you. Tell this offer to your beautiful children and say; 'O my child, my dear daughter, my dear son. You are going to university. You are going to high school. You were in middle school then. Or you were going to high school. At that time, I was selling this card to you for 85 liras. Do you have this friend? Ekrem İmamoğlu, made it 40 liras. At that time, diesel was 6 liras. Even if we were going for a tour, our car was filling up for 200 liras at that time. Currently, it costs 600-700 liras.”


“This man got up, and on top of that, he made a 40 percent raise, it's 109 liras. We will reduce it to 78 liras. Do you know what he says to you? Father, mother, first go and lower the price of the diesel you put in your car. You have quadrupled it, and you go to the man and say, 'Make this 4 liras'. All the young people laugh at you. He knows and sees your insincerity. You cannot tell about your children. You cannot tell your children. You can't tell your teens. Of course I will veto it. Because you want to serve? Do you want to help young people? Double the scholarships and aids given to young people from Ankara, to university students, to young people who have been victimized by the scholarships they received, or to prevent them from breaking or bending under the economic crisis. You have the determination of student houses. Find them, extract them. Say to them; 'O students…' The student has no problem. The mother, father, who gave that money to the student; let me be the victim Instead of buying a pepper for 78 liras, tell him; 'I lowered your electricity price by 2 percent because of your student. In 'download'. Do these.”


Emphasizing that they continue to produce solutions to the gangrenous problems of Istanbul despite all the efforts of the ruling wing to prevent them from making services and investments, İmamoğlu, again on the taunts, said, “Thank God, I am in great shape. Your stance, your interventions Ekrem İmamoğluIt adds strength. My friend, the vice president of the group, who gives me explanations every day, please talk more. I need more of your talk. I am satisfied with your explanations. May God give this Assembly ten more group vice presidents like you. My dear fellow countrymen, my dear friends, who are trying to raise words for me here, I have only one request from you. Have a friend record you from behind. Go to a street market. Visit the shopkeepers' stalls one by one, ask questions about their situation. Then say I am a member of the AK Party IMM Assembly. Take the public's answers, take that footage, send it to me. I'm ready to talk to you about their attitudes there until the morning. You can see why, how satisfied the citizens are, and how they look at it best on the street. do this. invite me. Promise I won't tell anyone. Whoever does, invite me. I am ready to watch and talk with him until the morning. The real result is in the citizens," he said.


Saying, “The Annual Report in your hand is concrete proof that these efforts have never worked out,” İmamoğlu said, “Each page of the report is proof of the despair of the mentality that sees Istanbul as a source of income and considers itself the sole owner of Istanbul. No matter what they do, it's not working. We produce more and better quality services than ever before. We are making more and more accurate investments than ever before. We are working hard to serve 16 million people," he said. Emphasizing that they have developed a municipal model from Istanbul that will set an example to the world, İmamoğlu emphasized that the two words that summarize them are "democracy" and "development". Expressing that they have increased democratic participation and investments to unprecedented levels in Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “As you know, there are those who see public investments as a means of enrichment for a handful of people. We are not, have not been, and never will be. Since the first day, we have ensured that all investment expenditures are made at the end of a transparent, participatory, scientific process and only by considering the public interest. The transfer of so-called investments, which are unplanned, without projects, indexed to the election or shaped according to the party preferences of the citizens, has been closed in this city.


Pointing out that they are working to strengthen Istanbul and increase urban resilience, İmamoğlu said, “We are strengthening Istanbul against economic, social and environmental risks and threats. With our investments, we strengthen social integrity, sense of justice, solidarity and brotherhood, an environment where he is proud to be a citizen, happy to have such an institution, and proud to be aware of every moment. We invest in people first and foremost," he said. Emphasizing that they prioritize children, youth and women in this context, İmamoğlu made the following summary:

– We increased the rate of female managers at IMM, which was 2019 percent in June 10,27, to 2021 percent as of the end of December 21,18. We managed to increase our female employee rate, which was 2019 percent in June 14,91, to 2021 percent by the end of December 17,73.

– During the pandemic period, we prepared the 'Institute Istanbul İSMEK' training centers for face-to-face training and in the same period, we provided distance education to 265 thousand 619 people. With the Istanbul Employment Offices we have established, we have helped more than 40 thousand people in Istanbul to have a job.

– While we supported 2020 thousand low-income individuals or families in 45, we increased this number by 2021 percent in 277 and provided cash support to 125 thousand low-income individuals or families. In 2021, we delivered 'Food-Hygiene Parcel Support' to 263 thousand families. With Istanbulkart, we provided monthly support to 206 thousand individuals or families in amounts ranging from 100-250-400 TL, depending on their needs.

– We delivered 124 liters of Halk Milk to our 8 thousand children every month. With the support of philanthropists and the Istanbul Foundation, we distributed sacrificial meat to 231 families. We delivered Newborn Support Packages to more than 3 families.

– Again, with our 'Pending Bill' campaign, we helped more than 60 thousand families in need pay nearly 100 million lira of water and natural gas bills. 'Family Support Package' for 45 thousand families; 'Mother-Baby Package' for 28 thousand families; We provided a total of 16 million TL support to 16,7 thousand young people with the 'Student Support Package'. We provided bread support to more than 45 thousand families through Istanbul Halk Ekmek.

– With the transfer of education and training to the online system during the pandemic period, we distributed tablets to 40 thousand students in need. In 2021, we increased the number of our 'Home Istanbul' children's activity centers from 15 to 32. Hopefully we will reach 70 by the end of this year.

– In the 2021-2022 academic year, we provided educational support to 52 thousand university students. And for the first time in the history of our municipality, we opened 622 girls' dormitories with a bed capacity of 3 for university students. I would like to announce that our Gaziosmanpaşa boys' dormitory is also ready for opening. In 80, we provided a one-time cash support of 2021 TL to more than 300 thousand children with disabilities, martyrs, parents who died in primary, secondary, high school and rehabilitation centers.”


İmamoğlu, in his annual report presentation; disadvantaged groups, environment, green, rail systems, land and sea transportation, parking and pedestrian transportation, urban resilience (earthquake, disaster and other urban risks), urban transformation, agriculture, technology and smart city, employment, culture, art and historical heritage, explained in detail their investments in local democracy, subsidiaries and international relations. Under the heading "How we succeeded", İmamoğlu said:

“In summary; In a year when the economic and social burden of the pandemic continued with all its weight, we produced more and better quality services than ever before. We have made more and more accurate investments than ever before. We built more than twice the average of the previous 25 years. So how did we achieve this? With a very simple formula: With the 'Istanbul Model', which consists of merit, transparency and democratic participation. We are preparing our city for the future with the investments we manage with the 'Istanbul Model'; supports our people in need in times of difficulty, and offers fair opportunities to our children and youth; We are opening new opportunities for our productive and creative people. We, as a team, are very aware of the duty and responsibility we carry out in Istanbul, which is the main engine of economic development, progress, democracy, culture and art in our country. We know well that what we do, what we are doing and the successes we have achieved are very important not only for this city but also for the whole of Turkey. We see that the change and success we have achieved with the Istanbul Model is the guarantee and guarantee of how the Nation Alliance can improve life in this country. For this reason, we are constantly improving our administrative and economic management capability, which we have created with our 86.000 employees. From here, I am calling out to all my citizens from the IMM Assembly; No matter what anyone says or whoever throws an obstacle in front of us, we will never give up and never give up on investing in this city and serving our people. Even in today's difficult conditions, we were able to achieve historical success with the highest investments of all time. From now on, we will continue on our way with determination.”


Transferring the latest status of the projects that exist in the rail systems for the coming years and that will be put out to tender, İmamoğlu shared detailed information on many service areas, from the renewal of the metrobus fleet, to the increase in the number of student dormitories, from the kindergartens of our new home in Istanbul, to the efforts to add green space to the city. İmamoğlu said, “We are essentially improving the quality of life in Istanbul” and continued his words as follows: “We are establishing a free life that will trigger individual freedom, entrepreneurship and productivity in this cherished city. We are dispersing the intimidation, despair and fear that have infiltrated our citizens, and we are working hard to permanently establish an order in which every Istanbulite will feel equal and happy. I would like to thank my 86.000 colleagues who work day and night for this challenging task at every level of IMM, and I wish God's mercy and condolences to the families of our 263 employees we lost in this process. Again, I would like to thank the 16 million people of Istanbul who gave us the strength to walk with faith and determination on the road we set out with our IMM Assembly members, and who provided endless support to our municipality with their love.”

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