İmamoğlu Attended Bird Migration Observation Event

Imamoglu Attended Bird Gocu Observation Event
İmamoğlu Attended Bird Migration Observation Event

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluParticipated in the “Bird Migration Observation Event” organized by the Department of Parks, Gardens and Green Spaces at the Atatürk Urban Forest Festival Area in Sarıyer. IMM Park, Garden and Green Areas Department Head Prof. Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin and Istanbul University Forestry Vocational School lecturer ornithologist (ornithologist) Ergün Bacak informed İmamoğlu about the bird species seen in the skies of Istanbul. Visiting the stands set up within the scope of the event and meeting with the citizens sohbet İmamoğlu experienced the bird watching activity with the help of special binoculars.


Expressing his impressions in the event area, İmamoğlu said, "We talked to scientists that Istanbul is not only 16 million people from Istanbul, but maybe tens of millions of living things, actually intertwined, together." Stating that such events have a professional side, İmamoğlu said, “Because an observation is made and these are recorded. As far as I can see, we had fellow citizens from Istanbul as well as our scientists. Another side of it is sharing this work with children and the new generation and they also have knowledge. The fact that our children and young people have knowledge at this age means that a consciousness is formed for the protection of the natural areas of the city, nature and nature. Therefore, I see that the beautiful event of our Park and Gardens Department is very valuable.”


Noting that the Atatürk City Forest is one of the most effective natural areas on the migration route of birds, İmamoğlu said:

“What we are especially sensitive about here is the protection of the natural environment. All these things are actually a guarantee for the existence of the world. The extinction of a bird generation in the world is like a step towards the end of the world. Protecting it actually means staying away from it. The world should have a holistic ecosystem and an understanding that these holistic life elements support each other, not destroy each other. It's my belief. Of course, science says so too. In this respect, it is imperative that human beings, as a living being and as a superior creature, have a philosophy that supports and prioritizes the existence of life. Otherwise, we see that the world unfortunately talks about extinction, talks about climate change, increasing temperatures, droughts, and other natural disasters in some places. In order to prevent these from happening, I think it is an important value to start with the protection of birds, so to speak.”


Sharing the information that İBB Publishing brought the books “Birds of Istanbul” and “Sea Creatures of Istanbul” together with the readers about a month ago, İmamoğlu said, “Believe me, I couldn't help translating it, and watching it in such a bewildered way. We are together with so many species and we are not aware of it. We are in a beautiful world, a paradise on earth. As a crossing point, we always hear and know that this is a migration route and it is very valuable, but the existence of being intertwined with so many species is a great blessing for this city. We need to be aware of this. Two very valuable books. kazanwas Istanbul. I wish the people of Istanbul to follow and learn from there," he said.

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