IETT 2021 Annual Report Approved by IMM Assembly

IETT Annual Report Approved by IBB Assembly
IETT 2021 Annual Report Approved by IMM Assembly

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly discussed the 2021 Activity Report of the IETT General Directorate. IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili, who presented the Annual Report to the IMM Assembly, said that they carried 60 percent of the urban public transportation passengers in Istanbul and that they carried 2021 million passengers in 20, an increase of 422 percent compared to the previous year. Noting that there was at least a 50 percent increase in economic indicators affecting IETT's budget last year, Bilgili noted that despite this, they continued their investments and services without slowing down.


Reminding that they took delivery of the first 2021 of our new metrobus vehicles with a capacity of 200 passengers, 100 units of 21 meters and 280 units of 60 meters with a capacity of 25 passengers, for which they were tendered in 30, Bilgili continued his words as follows:

“We are rejuvenating our vehicle fleet working on the Metrobus line after 7 years. By completing the delivery of the remaining 130 BRT vehicles within a few months, we are reducing the average age on the line from 11 to 9. In this way, our total bus fleet age will be reduced from 10 to 9. In fact, while a total of 2020 million km was done in 223, we increased it to 227 million this year. We aim to increase this number to 2022 million in 230.”


Stating that they are continuing their work on the purchase of electric buses, Bilgili said, “In this context, we tested 5 different brands of vehicles in the field and technically. By completing our electric bus procurement tender in the near future, we will have completed the first stage for the purchase of 50 electric buses. We have been serving with electric vehicles for about 2 years in the Islands. Citizens are very satisfied with the first domestic, registered electric vehicles in Turkey," he said.


Bilgili stated that the private public buses and the redbud buses belonging to the İBB subsidiary Transportation AŞ were painted in the same color as of December 2020 and started to operate under the roof of IETT, thus increasing the service quality, and gave the following information:

“We are carrying out the comprehensive technical inspections we have applied to IETT vehicles, as of January, in our 10 garages, as well as TÜV-equivalent technical inspections of private public buses. In these technical inspections, we aim to increase the maintenance quality of private public buses to IETT standards by inspecting the vehicles according to approximately 200 different criteria. In order to increase the service quality, we carried out approximately 1 million inspections with our field teams, 700 million 200 thousand before the service and 2 thousand during the service. This year, we aim to complete the installation of cameras, information and announcement systems, telemetry and similar hardware on all private public buses. The number of existing lines integrated into metros is increased through flexible planning. In this way, fleet efficiency and passenger satisfaction are increased by making more trips. As IETT, we continued to serve our passengers in the harsh winter season without interrupting our flights. By following all the works in the field on-site and from our fleet monitoring centers, we ensured that the voyages continue without interruption.”

Alper Bilgili reminded that IETT employs a total of 102 female driver personnel, including the drivers working in electric vehicles in the Islands, in addition to the female bus drivers it had previously employed.


Bilgili pointed out that the recent changes in the economy, foreign currency and fuel prices have had serious negative effects on IETT; He said that fuel expenditure constitutes half of the expenses, and that inflation and its increase increase the effect on the corporate budget by at least 50 percent. Bilgili added that the 2021 expenditure budget of IETT was realized as 3 billion 453 million 140 thousand 979 liras, and the income budget was equalized with the expenditure budget with additional financing of 744 million 275 thousand 645 liras.

After the speeches made on behalf of the party groups at the meeting, IETT General Directorate 2021 Activity Report, which was put to the vote; It received 92 votes in favor and 126 against. As required by the provision in Article 5393 of the Municipal Law No. 26, the annual report was accepted because it did not reach a three-quarters majority.

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