What is Mystery Shopper, What Does It Do, How To Become? Mystery Shopper Salaries 2022

What is Mystery Shopper, What Does It Do, How to Become Mystery Shopper Salaries 2022
What is Mystery Shopper, What Does It Do, How to Become Mystery Shopper Salaries 2022

Mystery shopper behaves like real customers in companies such as stores and restaurants, observing various factors that require improvement and presenting a report to the company. Firms assign secret customers in order to meet customer needs and to be aware of their complaints and demands.

What Does Mystery Shopper Do, What Are Their Duties?

The general responsibilities of the mystery shopper, who have different tasks such as ordering products at home or visiting the store, are as follows;

  • Receiving service from a company by pretending to be a real customer,
  • Visiting different branches of the same company when necessary,
  • To follow the employer's special shopping instructions,
  • Asking other customers questions about a particular product or company personnel
  • Going to the stores and purchasing the products determined by the company for the mystery shopper,
  • Using your own money to buy any item after all required tasks are completed,
  • Spending carefully while purchasing in order not to exceed the budget determined by the employer,
  • Keeping invoices and delivering them to the employer,
  • Taking notes during the shopping experience to use for writing reports,
  • Creating reports to be given to companies.

How to Become a Mystery Shopper

There is no formal education requirement to become a mystery shopper. It is sufficient to apply to the mystery shopper job postings that various companies usually give through agencies. People who want to be a mystery shopper must have certain qualifications;

  • Explaining the requirements to store sales assistants,
  • Communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, in order to establish customer relations and write reports,
  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently without supervision,
  • Ability to work in a detail-oriented manner to monitor the quality of customer service provided,
  • To have the analytical mindset to evaluate the notes taken during shopping in order to write an objective report

Mystery Shopper Salaries 2022

The lowest Mystery Shopper salary in 2022 is 5.200 TL, the average Mystery Shopper salary is 6.700 TL, and the highest Mystery Shopper salary is 12.000 TL.

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