Discounted Eye Health Service for Tradesmen

Discounted Eye Health Service for Tradesmen
Discounted Eye Health Service for Tradesmen

📩 29/04/2022 11:39

With the protocol signed between İzmir Union of Chambers of Craftsmen and Craftsmen (IESOB) and Dünyagöz Hospital, discounted eye health services will be provided to artisans of İzmir. Tradesmen, artisans and first-degree relatives will be able to benefit from the protocol. In addition, the personnel of IESOB and the chambers affiliated to the Union and their first-degree relatives will also be able to receive discounted eye care services.

We care about protocol

The protocol signed between IESOB and Dünyagöz Hospital will last for one year. Artisans from İzmir will be able to have eye examinations done in all hospitals of Dünyagöz in Turkey by presenting their chamber documents.

Reminding that the artisans, who are experiencing difficult times, are also seriously injured from the pandemic process, IESOB President Zekeriya Mutlu said, "Our artisans are at the forefront of the segments most negatively affected by the epidemic and the measures. Even if the epidemic is over, it will take time for our members to catch up with their old business potential. Recent economic upheavals have put small businesses with weaker capital structures in even more trouble.

We believe that positive discrimination, support and incentives should be maintained for our artisans who are going through such difficult times. In this respect, we attach importance to the protocol with Dünyagöz Hospital. Health is everything. We are carrying out such a study so that artisans can receive quality and appropriate health care services.

Special discounts will be applied to tradesmen, artisans, employees of the organization and their relatives in 21 branches of Dünyagöz Hospitals group in Turkey for examinations, examinations, general and special surgeries as per the agreement.

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