What is an e-athlete, what does it do, how to be? E-athlete Salaries 2022

E Athlete
What is e-sportsman, what does he do, how to be e-sportsman Salaries 2022

An e-athlete, or electronic athlete in its long form, is a person who makes a living by playing video games. E-sportsmen participate in tournaments held in Turkey or in various parts of the world and try to win prizes as a team or individually.

What Do E-sportsmen Do, What Are Their Duties?

E-sports has a constantly evolving and changing structure. For example; The games or the rules within the games can change in an instant. For this reason, e-sportsmen should work hard and always be prepared. Apart from these, the duties and responsibilities of e-sportsmen are listed as follows;

  • Regular training and improvement,
  • Participating in special studies on concentration and reflex,
  • Regularly listening to the suggestions of psychologists and mentors,
  • To comply with the directions of the coach and team captain,
  • Not cheating with the identity of a professional player, especially in organizations such as tournaments,
  • To stay in fair-play and to comply with ethical rules,
  • Not to bet on any field of e-sports,
  • Avoiding the use of performance-enhancing drugs,
  • Taking care of living a healthy life,
  • Not to swear or insult in the game.

How to Become an E-athlete?

You don't need any special training to be an e-sportsperson. People who can use a computer or console and rise in in-game ranking systems are candidates to become e-sportsmen. Those who stand out from the other players and are noticed by the e-sports teams are invited to team games for a while for trial. E-athlete candidates with a bright future play in trial teams or development leagues. If a player successfully passes the stages, he is entitled to become an e-sportsman.

E-athlete Salaries 2022

The lowest E-athlete salary received in 2022 was determined as 5.200 TL, the average E-athlete salary was 5.900 TL, and the highest E-athlete salary was 8.000 TL.

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