Leader of Energy Transition in Europe DS Automobiles

Leader of Energy Transformation in Europe DS Automobiles
Leader of Energy Transition in Europe DS Automobiles

French luxury car manufacturer DS Automobiles became the multi-energy brand with the lowest CO2020 emissions in Europe with an average of 2021 g/km in 97,3, as in 2. New apps from DS Automobiles help drivers maximize driving efficiency. Continuing its energy transition, the French manufacturer has announced that from 2024, it will launch each new model only as 100% electric.

Standing out with its unique design, high quality and premium technologies, DS Automobiles is also in the leadership seat with its emission values. DS Automobiles ranks first among Europe's 30 best-selling multi-energy car brands in terms of average CO2 emissions. The premium manufacturer is the reference brand in the energy transition with an emission value of 97,3 g/km according to WLTP data.

DS Energy Coach: The goal of excellence in every braking

Developed with DS Performance and double Formula E champion Jean-Éric Vergne for the DS 9 E-TENSE 4×4 360, the DS Energy Coach application helps the driver regain energy during deceleration. kazanIt helps him maximize his power. Scores are displayed in the center display. Jean-Éric Vergne said, “As a double Formula E champion and DS Automobiles ambassador, I wanted to participate in the DS 9 E-TENSE 4×4 360 project by developing an application that analyzes efficiency every time you brake. Directly inspired by 100% electric racing, DS ENERGY COACH allows the driver to monitor braking performance and reverse. kazanIt allows you to improve your IM score. An invaluable app that lets you compete in everyday driving!” he said.

Record rates in Portugal and Belgium

When it comes to the use of rechargeable hybrid models, the drivers of DS Automobiles' E-TENSE rechargeable hybrid series are cited as exemplary students. The average daily distance traveled by DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS 9 customers was 70 kilometers with 72% electric motor utilization. Records were broken in Portugal and Belgium with the rates of 78% and 77%, respectively. The vast majority of DS Automobiles drivers say that improving energy efficiency has become much easier as they make the most of the efficiency of the E-TENSE rechargeable hybrid family.

A practical guide: Recharge reminder

The PLUG-IN REMINDER application, which is automatically installed on the infotainment system of E-TENSE rechargeable hybrid models, sends a reminder to drivers who do not sufficiently charge their vehicles at charging points. After five days and at least ten trips without recharging, an initial warning in the form of a recommendation is displayed. The app recommends charging the rechargeable hybrid power unit to maximize its use. While the messages continue, a “misuse” reminder is displayed after 100 trips without a charge.

DS Automobiles, which has placed the transition to electric energy at the center of its strategy since its launch, has been meeting with users of its 2019% electric product line since 100. Thanks to the 136% electric DS 360 CROSSBACK E-TENSE, DS 100 E-TENSE, DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE and DS 4 E-TENSE rechargeable hybrid models with power ranging from 7 to 9 horsepower, every DS model includes an electric power unit. . From 2024, every new model of the brand will only be 100% electric.

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