Construction Industry Gathered at the Launch of Erkaya Twins

Construction Sector Gathered at the Launch of Erkaya Twins
Construction Industry Gathered at the Launch of Erkaya Twins

Many guests came together at the launch of Erkaya Twins, which Erkaya İnşaat started to build in Menemen Koyundere, leaving 25 years behind in the industry. Mesut Güleroğlu, President of the Izmir Chamber of Real Estate Agents, and representatives of the construction industry attended the launch, which was colored by the presentations of Yüksel Ünal, a theater and TV actor who is famous for his Şekerağa character.

Karşıyaka Stating that they have signed important projects in the region for years, Erkaya İnşaat Chairman of the Board Doğan Kaya said that Erkaya Twins will add value to the region.

Construction Sector Gathered at the Launch of Erkaya Twins

Noting that they have been building trust-based relationships with customers for years and that they have been involved in many projects on urban transformation, Kaya continued his words as follows: “We will continue to grow in the sector with prestigious site projects bearing our own name. We achieved the first of these in Koyundere together with Erkaya Life. We delivered the keys of 120 houses there to their owners. Life in the project will begin in 4 months. Now, we are experiencing the excitement of Erkaya Twins, which will provide a pleasant life with its architecture, social facilities and landscaping.”


Noting that people's longing for nature has increased due to earthquakes and pandemics, and that families prefer site life rather than living within 4 walls, Doğan Kaya said, "Particularly, families with children experienced troubled times during the pandemic period. This problem was not felt in the sites with their own social facilities, parks, gardens. Based on these needs, we turned to site projects that include the possibilities of living together with nature. We planned Erkaya Twins as both an investment and a residential project with its location and opportunities.”


Drawing attention to the fact that they thought of all the details for the residents of the Erkaya Twins project, Doğan Kaya continued as follows: “Many features are presented together in the project. In particular, we paid attention to the use of the houses in terms of architectural design. The project is located on an area of ​​12 thousand 400 square meters in total. We will build a total of 3 flats with two types of 1+180 flats. Our basic work has now begun. We are planning to deliver the residences in December 2023. Erkaya Twins will have two different pools, 2 playgrounds, open parking lot, social areas and 24-hour security service. There will also be charging stations for electric vehicles. Pre-sales have begun. Our project attracts attention both from Izmir and from outside the city. We also present our sample flat to the taste of the visitors. Erkaya Twins is very close to İZBAN and public transportation; It is located 3 minutes from the highway. We will have made an investment of 153 million in total.”

Stating that the secret of his success lies in loving his job, owning it and being courageous, Doğan Kaya stated that the northern region of İzmir will become increasingly valuable and added that they will continue their investments in the sector with new housing projects on the northern axis of the city.

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