CHP KOVID 19 Advisory Board: 'Number of Active Cases Has Dropped to Minus'

CHP KOVID Advisory Board Number of Active Cases Minus Dust
CHP KOVID 19 Advisory Board 'Number of Active Cases Has Dropped to Minus'

The Republican People's Party COVID-19 Advisory Board stated that after the Ministry of Health reported 29 new cases and 1.924 recovered cases on April 8.302, we are the first and only country in the world with a negative number of active cases; stated that this is not scientifically possible and an explanation is urgently expected from the Ministry.

In the statement of the CHP COVID-4.476 Advisory Board, which emphasized that the number of 19 active cases, calculated according to the data of the Ministry of Health, is contrary to the science of epidemiology, “We have repeatedly said that the data has not been disclosed transparently since the beginning of the pandemic, and we have demonstrated it with evidence. The negative active case situation that emerged on April 29 is a new proof of the unscientific attitude of the Government, the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee.

We are disgraced to the world

CHP COVID-19 Advisory Board said, “On April 29, the total of those who recovered and died due to COVID-19 was 4.776 people more than the total confirmed cases. In other words, it has been proven in this way that the Ministry of Health hid the real numbers and announced the unreal numbers during the pandemic process. According to the Ministry of Health, there are no cases of COVID-19, but there are recoveries! We expect this to be announced immediately!

Such a situation has arisen because of playing with the data. The number of negative active cases is the result of the Ministry's non-transparency, unscientific, management of perception and populist mentality, not the pandemic.

We openly declare that the Ministry of Health has to explain this situation, which disgraces our country to the world and is against science, epidemiology and mathematics.”

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