Atatürk Forest Farm Directorate to Recruit 1 Ex-Convict Worker

ataturk forest farm management
ataturk forest farm management

The general conditions and financial rights for 1 (one) personnel to be recruited to be employed as a permanent worker as a former convict or victim of terrorism in the worker staff of the Atatürk Forestry Farm Directorate are as follows;

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General conditions;

To have taken KPSS

The positive result of the security investigation to be made against him,

Not related to military service (for male candidates),

Not to receive retirement, old-age or long-term pension from any social security institution,

To be a graduate of Higher Education Associate Degree,

Exam kazanmoment candidate; Certification that there is no contagious disease and no disease that would prevent him from working in heavy work. (Health certificate to be issued as a result of the evaluation of the workplace physician, after the tests and examinations requested by the workplace physician regarding diseases such as visual impairment, orthopedic discomfort, herniated disc, hepatitis, respiratory tract disease, chronic diabetes, skin disease, eczema, etc.)

After the interview exam to be held in our institution, he/she must be able to work in heavy jobs since he/she will be employed in the workplaces affiliated to the Atatürk Forestry Farm Directorate.

The right to take the exam with the day, time and place of the exam. kazanThe candidates will be announced in the announcements section of our institution's website ( This announcement is in the nature of notification and no separate notification will be made to the address of the concerned persons by mail.

Candidates must have the required education level and special conditions in accordance with the required title as of the last day of the application.

Candidates on the final list for the oral exam; Which documents to be submitted, place of delivery, dates and other information procedures will be announced later in the announcements section of our Directorate's website (, and no written notification will be made to the candidates.

Candidates who are successful as the main and substitute candidates as a result of the oral exam; It will be announced in the announcements section of the website of our Directorate (, and no written notification will be made to the candidates.

We reserve the right to invalidate the applications of those who provide false documents or make statements, to take legal action regarding the cancellation of their employment, to file a criminal complaint with the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Turkish Penal Code.

If it is revealed later that the candidates who are successful in the exam do not meet the above conditions, their exams will be invalid.

Candidates can object to the Examination Board within 5 (five) working days from the announcement of the results. Objections are resolved within 5 (five) business days after they reach the examination board and are notified in writing to the relevant parties. Objections made by petition or fax that do not have a TR identity number, name, surname, signature and address, and objections made after the deadline will not be taken into account.

right to take office kazanCandidates will personally submit the requested documents until the date to be specified later. Applications made by mail, cargo or courier will not be considered. However, those who cannot go to submit the documents due to illness or birth excuse (provided that they present a birth report or illness report stating their status) will be able to deliver their documents through their relatives. Candidates whose documents are received will be provided with a written notification to start their duties. Birth, illness, etc. those who are unable to come for reasons; If they document this situation, they will be allowed to start their duties following the expiration of their legal excuses. Those who do not start to work within 15 days although they have been appointed, those who quit the job during the trial period, those who do not submit documents within the specified period, those who waive or those who are determined not to meet the application conditions, will be appointed from the reserve list in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned regulation.


Applications will be made electronically from the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) service centers or the website between 25-29 April 2022.

The documents sent by the Turkish Employment Agency and requested from the candidates who meet the requirements, and announcements regarding the place and date of the oral exam will be announced at the address of our Directorate (

Information to be made to the candidates from application to employment, announcement of results and calls will be made through an announcement on the website of our Directorate (

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