Ankara Fire Brigade Established Bee Team

Ankara Fire Brigade Established Bee Team
Ankara Fire Brigade Established Bee Team

📩 29/04/2022 13:37

Ankara Fire Department established a "Bee Team" to ensure that the bee colony, which nests in gardens, trees and roofs in the spring, is safely transferred to the hives. Ankara Beekeepers Union President Selçuk Solmaz provided both theoretical and practical training to the firefighters who will take part in the team at the central fire station.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its works carried out with the principle of “every life is valuable” in Başkent, in cooperation with its stakeholders.

Ankara Fire Department established the 'Bee Team' to ensure that the swarm colony, which nests on roofs, trees and gardens in the spring, is transferred to a safe environment.

Ankara Beekeepers Union President Selçuk Solmaz provided both practical and theoretical training to firefighters on how to transport bees to the hives.


Head of Health Affairs Department Seyfettin Aslan and Fire Brigade Department Coordinator Levent Çeri also attended the training.

Ankara Beekeepers Union President Selçuk Solmaz, who will give training at the Ankara Fire Department Central Campus, drew attention to the importance of these trainings for the protection of bee generation and the balance of nature with the following words:

“For 40 years, we have received at least 30 to 40 reports of swarm bees in the garden, tree and roof in the summer season in Ankara, but we could not reach a radical solution here. As a union about son bees, we, as a separate municipality, were trying to solve it separately and with their own means, and no professional work has been done so far. Now, the people of Ankara will be able to solve it easily with the help of the Department of Health Affairs and the Fire Department, without thinking about how to get the bees in their garden, on the roof and in the trees. Thus, the people of Ankara will have a peaceful season. I congratulate all the staff for embarking on this beautiful journey.”


In the training, where visual materials are also used, the Bee Team will receive detailed information on how to place the honeycombs in the hives and how to choose clothes while interfering with the bees, while taking care of the safety of the citizens as well as the honey bee colonies that ensure the continuity of the ecosystem.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Health Affairs Department Head Seyfettin Aslan underlined that they aim to protect bees and said:

“We attach great importance to the trainings we organize for our personnel. In this season, especially bees start to swarm. Our fellow citizens, who see swarms in their garden or anywhere, are alarmed. From now on, we will both save them from this problem with our trained personnel and bring them back to life without ending their lives. Albert Einstein says in one of his words; If there are no bees, there will be no humanity in 4 years. That's why bees are so important to us."

The firefighters on duty in the Bee Squad also expressed that the training they received was very beneficial with the following words:

Abdulkadir Small: “I was interested in beekeeping as an amateur before. It was better to learn from an authoritative voice in this tutorial. Here we learned that what we knew was wrong. As Ankara Fire Department, we have learned how we can intervene in the swarm notifications that come to us in our environment and how we can bring them back to nature without harming ourselves and the animal.”

Huseyin Ayyildiz: “The fire brigade's job is to save every living thing. In this training, we learned how to save swarm bees and bring them back to nature. It has been a useful training for us.”

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