Ankara Metropolitan is Reconstructing the School Damaged in the Elazig Earthquake

Ankara Büyükşehir Rebuilds the School Damaged in the Elazig Earthquake
Ankara Metropolitan is Reconstructing the School Damaged in the Elazig Earthquake

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş is fulfilling his promise that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will build a school that was heavily damaged in the 24-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Elazig on January 2020, 6,8. Yıldızbağları Secondary School, which was damaged with the protocol signed in Elazig, will be rebuilt.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş kept his promise to build a school that was damaged after the earthquake on January 24, 2020 in Elazig.

In his statement in 2021, “We are building a school in Elazig to heal the wounds of the earthquake. Our children should not be deprived of their right to education in any corner of our country. A protocol was signed for the construction of the new school, which he announced with the words "I would like to thank our ABB Assembly members who unanimously accepted our proposal."


At the protocol signing ceremony held in Elazığ, attended by ABB Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Kemal Çokakoğlu, Deputy Gürsel Erol and Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Yiğit, it was decided that the school, which is now Yıldızbağları Secondary School, would be renamed Ankara Secondary School after it was rebuilt.

Stating that the construction of the school will start as soon as possible and 16 classrooms and a gym are planned to be built inside the school, Çokakoğlu said:

“We are here to compensate for the destruction that Elazig has suffered. We cannot bring back the souls, but we set out to contribute to the construction of a new Elazig, like all our other units, especially our central government. Our Mayor, Mansur Yavaş, took the initiative in the sensitivity of the capital and brought up the issue of such a help to our city. With the decision of the Ankara Metropolitan Council, it was decided to be a partner in the construction works for the construction of such a school in our city of Elazig and in the re-establishment of Elazig. The restructuring of the state and taking our social solidarity one step further are of great importance. All kinds of investments in our children, who are our future, will return to our country as happiness, prosperity and joy in the coming periods.”


Elazig Deputy Gürsel Erol, who said that the name of Ankara, which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk made the capital, will now live on in Yıldızbağları Secondary School, also made the following assessments:

“Our Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara Metropolitan Municipalities took decisions from their assemblies to build a school in order to contribute to education in Elazig. These decisions were approved by the Ministry of National Education. The protocols of our Istanbul and Izmir Metropolitan Municipalities were signed. There are two happy events in Yıldızbağları Secondary School. First of all, there was a real need for this neighborhood to be more modern and for our students and children to receive education in better conditions. Especially after he stated that a school should be built in Mansur Yavaş and that they wanted it to be a really good school and that they wanted to contribute to the education of the children in a much more comfortable environment, I conveyed the situation to the governor and the Director of National Education. Another pleasing event is that the name of Ankara, which was made as the Capital by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who is important in all of our lives, will now live on in Yıldızbağları Secondary School. With the approval of the Ministry, the name of Yıldızbağları Secondary School will be changed to Ankara Secondary School from now on.”

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Yiğit said, “On the one hand, the strengthening of our damaged schools and the demolition and reconstruction processes of our schools that have completed their economic life continue rapidly. Hopefully, the effects of the earthquake will be lifted from Elazig in a very short time, with the pressure on Elazig's education and people. We will continue our human-building processes, which is our main job.”

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