All-Electric Citroen e-C4 in Turkey in Autumn

All-Electric Citroen e C in Turkey in Autumn
All-Electric Citroen e-C4 in Turkey in Autumn

Making a difference in the automotive world with its innovative solutions to environmental concerns, Citroën is preparing to put the ë-C4, the all-electric version of the C4, on sale in our country in autumn. Citroën, which will continue its electric mobility move with the ë-C100, which will take its place in the market after Ami – 4% ëlectric, continues its journey without slowing down to achieve its goal of providing transportation that touches all areas of the mobility world and is accessible to everyone. With a range of 4 km (WLTP cycle), the ë-C357 supports long journeys apart from daily use, while combining a 50 kWh battery with 100 kW DC charging power, it offers better charging times than most of its competitors.

Citroën, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and shown as a reference brand in comfort, continues its electric mobility move with the fully electric ë-C4. With the aim of providing transportation that touches all areas of the mobility world and is accessible to everyone, the brand is preparing to launch the ë-C4, the fully electric version of the C4 model, on the roads in our country in autumn. An ideal technology solution with its charging feature that is both accessible and meets customer requirements, ë-C4 combines a lightweight 50 kWh battery with 100 kW DC charging power, and manages to offer better charging times than most of its competitors. With a range of 4 km (WLTP cycle), the ë-C357 supports long journeys apart from daily use, while the Charge My Car application facilitates the management of the charging process. With 300.000 charging points across Europe, the app helps plan trips and find charging points. Reaching a 4% share in total C35 sales in a short time, the all-electric ë-C4 stands out with its leading position in the electric compact class market in France and Spain in the first quarter of 2022, and stands out with its second place in the Netherlands.

The best companion in daily use

ë-C4 offers the ideal solution for daily use. The ease of use of the ë-C4 includes most users' daily use for work, shopping or traveling; it meets with a quiet, smooth, dynamic and CO2-free drive. The battery can be charged in the office and at home in daily use, through a conventional socket or Wall Box. With an approved range of 357 km (WLTP cycle), there is no need to charge the battery every day. With a 50 kWh battery, the ë-C4 offers a convenient solution for the transition to electric in terms of purchasing cost. In addition, with its compact design and reasonable weight, it does not affect the living space volume or consumption in daily use. Thanks to the optimized weight, it offers driving pleasure with 260 Nm of torque and low consumption.

The ideal solution for long journeys

While making short daily trips more practical, the ë-C4 also offers features that support long-distance use. While a more compact battery means less weight, this is one of the biggest factors that ensure low consumption. In addition, charging times are optimized with DC charging using 100 kW fast charging. Electricity consumption is improved with the heat pump, hygrometric sensor and optimized transmission system. Instead of carrying a heavy and expensive battery, the ë-C4 takes a new approach to electric travel by having an optimized fast charging battery. While stopping more frequently and for shorter periods is more effective than driving for long periods, it is advantageous to charge the battery when the charge level is low and when it reaches the optimum operating temperature (for example, after a highway ride) in order to benefit from the maximum charging power of the battery. The charging speed is faster at the beginning of the charge than at the end. Therefore, it takes longer to charge the battery from 80% to 100% than to charge it from 0% to 80%. In addition, the user not only enjoys shorter charging times, but also benefits financially, as, for example, most fast charging networks in France are calculated in minutes, as charging costs are calculated in minutes.

Planned trips

In order to benefit from the comfort that electric vehicles provide on long journeys, the driver needs to take a different approach and plan his route in a way that optimizes break and recharge times. Introduced in the ë-C4, the Trip Planner steps in to find available fast-charging points along the route in real time and manage the stopping frequency. The ë-C4 user can access the Trip Planner service to facilitate their journey with Free2move's Charge My Car app. Charge My Car helps to find compatible terminals along the route among 300.000 charging points in Europe. With the Charge My Car app, users can get an estimate of the time and cost required to charge their car before the trip. Charging can be started and stopped directly from the app or with the Free2move card. The app also keeps track of all invoices. The user can use Trip Planner to plan the route and calculate trips in real time, taking into account range, station location, outside temperature, geography and air conditioning usage information. In addition, the route can be sent to the vehicle's navigation system.

Freedom to travel with zero emissions

With the ë-C4, you can travel while enjoying the comfort of electric vehicles. Thus, the user can travel distances longer than 100 kilometers on the weekend for a holiday. The additional time required to recharge the battery is no longer than when people take breaks (15 to 20-minute breaks every two hours) to rest, have lunch, or follow road safety recommendations.

Some examples of travel times with ë-C4*:

Travel Kilometer Driving time Number of breaks for charging Charge break time Total travel time Additional time*
Istanbul – Bursa 191 2 h 11 min 0 0 2 h 11 min 0
Istanbul – Izmir 483 5 h 11 min 3 X 6 h 41 min 30
Ankara – Istanbul 445 4 h 56 min 3 X 6 h 26 min 30
Izmir – Bodrum 242 3 h 5 min 1 X 4 h 35 min 15
Istanbul – Tekirdag 118 1 h 21 min 0 0 1 h 21 min 0

*Comparison with petrol/diesel engine version with recommended breaks every 2 hours.

Technicial Specifications

  • Power: 136 hp (100 kW)
  • Torque: 260 Nm
  • Battery: Lithium-ion; Capacity: 50 kWh; Range: 357 km WLTP
  • Charging time:
  • 100 kW fast charging station: 30 % charge in 80 minutes / 10 km charge in 100 minutes
  • Wall Box 32 A: 5 hours (three phases with optional 11 kW charger) to 7 hours 30 (single phase)
  • Domestic socket: Between 15 hours (reinforced socket) and longer than 24 hours (standard socket)


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