ALES Results Announced! 2022 ALES/1 Results Inquiry Screen

ALES Results
ALES Results

📩 28/04/2022 18:30

The results of the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Examination (17-ALES/2022) administered by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) on April 1 are made available to the candidates. The evaluation process for the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam (17-ALES/2022), which was held on April 2022, 1, has been completed.

Candidates can submit their exam results to ÖSYM on April 28, 2022 at 11.00:XNUMX. with their TR Identity Numbers and candidate passwords.

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ALES stands for Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam. It is held by ÖSYM 3 times a year and the results of this exam are valid for five years from the date of announcement.

ALES consists of two tests with 50 numerical and 50 verbal questions. For this exam, which consists of 100 questions, 150 minutes (2,5 hours) of answer time is given. The subject distribution of the ALES questions according to the courses is as follows:

– Mathematics: Basic concepts, the concept of digits, division and divisibility, prime factors, EBOB-EKOK, rational numbers, ordering, simple inequalities, absolute value, identities and factorization, exponential numbers, radical numbers, equations, ratio-proportion, problems, sets, operation, basic principle of counting and probability.

– Geometry: Angles in line and triangle, length in triangle, area, bisector, median and similarity, quadrilaterals, circle and circle, analytical geometry, solids.

– Numerical logic: Graph interpretation and table reading, shape ability and number sequences, logical reasoning problems.

- Turkish: SözcüMeaning in a sentence, understanding in a sentence, forms of expression, paragraph.

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