AKSUNGUR SİHA Hits with MAM-L in Blue Vatan-2022 Exercise!

AKSUNGUR SIHA Hits with MAM L in Blue Homeland Exercise
AKSUNGUR SİHA Hits with MAM-L in Blue Vatan-2022 Exercise!

The Blue Homeland-2022 Exercise, carried out by the Naval Forces in the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, was successfully completed.

The annual Blue Homeland exercise is carried out by the Turkish navy and elements affiliated with other forces. Ministry of National Defense regarding the Blue Homeland-2022 Exercise: “The Blue Homeland-2022 Exercise conducted by the Naval Forces in the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean; It was successfully completed with the participation of 122 ships, 41 airborne units, amphibious marine infantry units, amphibious assault teams, SAT and SAS task teams and coastal units.” made a statement.

Actual gunfire took place during the final phase of the Distinguished Observer Day activities. Within the scope of the shootings, the exercise was successfully completed with domestic and national MAM-L guided bullets from domestic and national production AKSUNGUR SİHA. A floating platform / ship was hit for the first time by AKSUNGUR SİHA within the scope of the exercise. AKSUNGUR SİHA, which was developed with domestic and national resources and broke the record for flying with and without weapons, continues to serve in the field. AKSUNGUR SİHA, which was developed in a short period of 18 months based on the ANKA platform, and has the capacity to perform uninterrupted multi-role intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions with its high payload capacity, provides operation flexibility beyond the line of sight with its SATCOM payload.

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil shared the information that a total of 2022 AKSUNGUR S/UAV's were delivered to be used in special missions with the Naval Forces and Air Force Commands, in his guest broadcast on A Haber in February 5.

Blue Homeland-2022 Exercise

The "Distinguished Observer Day" activities of the Blue Homeland-2022 Exercise, accompanied by Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Commander of the Naval Forces Admiral Adnan Özbal and Air Force Commander General Hasan Küçükakyüz, the TCG KEMALREİS frigate arrived from Aksaz Naval Base Command. It started with his separation.

Within the scope of the activities carried out within the scope of a generic scenario, the first free mine detected in the sea was destroyed. After the mine hunting ship detected the mine, the Underwater Defense (SAS) team was dispatched to the secured area by helicopter. SAS elements thrown into the sea from the helicopter destroyed the mine.

After the mine was destroyed, an Underwater Offensive (SAT) operation was organized to destroy targets on an island. As part of the operation, SAT elements jumped from the helicopter into the water and carried out an infiltration operation against the targets on the island. Simultaneously, the underwater transport vehicle and the SAT elements parachuted from the helicopter headed for the target. Following the capture of the determined targets, the targets on the island coastline were brought under fire by the SAT boat. After the successful completion of the operation, the SAT elements in the water were taken from the sea by helicopter. Another element of the SAT Command conducted an operation by free landing on a ship from a helicopter.

After the SAT operation, domestic and national rocket fire was carried out within the scope of the Submarine Defense War. The determined target was hit with a direct hit by the rocket fired from the TCG TARSUS patrol ship.

In the Blue Homeland-2022 Exercise; Our Land and Air Forces, Gendarmerie General Command, Coast Guard Command and various public institutions and organizations took charge.


AKSUNGUR, which made its first flight in 2019; It has integrated all Platform Verification ground/flight tests, 3 different EO/IR [Electro Optical / Infrared] cameras, 2 different SATCOM, 500 lb class Teber 81/82 and KGK82 Systems, domestic engine PD170 system until now. In addition to all these studies, AKSUNGUR, which started its first field mission in the second quarter of 2021 with the fight against forest fires, has passed 1000+ hours in the field.

AKSUNGUR MALE class UAV System: capable of performing intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions in all weather conditions day and night; It stands out as a Medium Altitude Long Stay Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system that can carry EO/IR, SAR and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) payloads and various air-to-ground munitions systems. AKSUNGUR has two twin-turbocharged diesel engines that can reach an altitude of 40.000 feet and allow the most demanding operations to be completed with their ability to stay in the air for up to 40 hours.

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