ABB Completes Its Fight Against Waste in Metin Akkuş District

ABB Completed Its Fight Against Waste in Metin Akkus Neighborhood
ABB Completed Its Fight Against Waste in Metin Akkuş District

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to dispose of derelict buildings that threaten the environmental health and disrupt the urban aesthetics throughout the Capital. The Metropolitan Municipality, which cleaned the slums, tents and barracks one by one in Dikmen Metin Akkuş District, removed a total of 387 thousand 341 trucks of excavation and waste in an area of ​​2 thousand 866 square meters. ABB has collected 19 thousand 50 trucks of waste across the capital in the last two years.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is making the city look cleaner by eliminating derelict buildings that threaten human and environmental health throughout the capital and disrupt the city's aesthetics.

The teams of the Department of Urban Aesthetics and Science, cleaning the waste and garbage belonging to derelict buildings that cause visual pollution and security problems, completed the waste cleaning works carried out in Metin Akkuş Neighborhood.


Metropolitan teams have cleared 16 trucks of garbage and excavation from the region since November 2021, 2.

Stating that the slums, tents and barracks in Metin Akkuş Neighborhood have been removed and the residents of the region can breathe a sigh of relief, Aysu Kırmızı, Head of the Waste Project of the Department of Urban Aesthetics, shared the following information about the work done:

“We purchased a total of 2 trucks of rubble, garbage and construction dumps in Metin Akkuş Mahallesi. As of August 866, the total waste we received from the city reached 2020 trucks. After completing our work here, our area to be cleaned will be Mamak Akşemsettin Mahallesi Doğukent Boulevard. Here too, we will continue our work with the same speed and meticulousness as we have done so far.”


The teams of the Department of Urban Aesthetics, which started a waste mobilization in the capital and evaluated the complaints and demands from the citizens, accelerated the waste cleaning works at the determined points.

Metin Akkuş Neighborhood Headman Fevzi Işıldak, who thanked Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for his efforts to combat waste that threatens public health and causes visual pollution in the city, said:

“This place was put out to tender in the previous period, but it was never done. This was not a place to sit. After my President Mansur took office, he started to serve. On behalf of the people of the neighborhood, I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş and his team.”

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