Yenice Wagon and Locomotive Maintenance Facility Designed in the Most Modern Way

Yenice Wagon and Locomotive Maintenance Facility Designed in the Most Modern Way
Yenice Wagon and Locomotive Maintenance Facility Designed in the Most Modern Way

Under the chairmanship of TCDD Transportation General Manager Hasan Pezük, Deputy General Managers Erol Arıkan, Çetin Altun, Şinasi Kazancıoğlu, Adana Regional Manager M. Özgür Örekçi and the delegation of the relevant department heads made examinations at the Adana Regional Directorate workplaces.

Achieved 2021 Million Tons of Load Performance at Adana Regional Directorate in 12

Gathering with the employees working in Mersin, Tırmıl and Yenice within the scope of the inspection visit, Pezük said that Adana Regional Directorate realized 2021 million tons of cargo performance in 12, that there are very important industry and production facilities within the borders of Adana Region, and that it is one of the most important export gates of Mersin Port. He emphasized that he is one. In addition to freight transport in the Adana Region, nearly 20 thousand passengers are transported daily by regional trains operating between Mersin-Adana-Islahiye-Iskenderun.

Pesuk; “We have achieved these transportation figures with the sweat and effort of all the personnel working in our region. This success is the result of working with team spirit. I fully believe that our Adana Region will increase its success in the years ahead.

Yenice Care Facility Has Been Designed In The Most Modern Way In The Shortest Time

Participating in the iftar program organized by the employees in Yenice in the evening, Pezuk addressed the personnel before the fast-breaking dinner.

Referring to the Yenice Maintenance Complex, the General Manager said: “The wagon and locomotive maintenance workshops in Adana and Mersin were combined and reconstructed in Yenice with an employee-friendly, modern building and technological equipment. Thanks to this facility and the efficiency of our employees, the maintenance times of the locomotives and wagons were shortened, the availability period has been extended. It was empty when I came here 4 months ago, but today I came across a very nice facility that functions properly. This facility is also an indicator of what can be achieved in harmony with the infrastructure. I would like to thank everyone who added this beautiful facility to our business processes in a short time.”

An Unsafe Work Discipline Lowers Respect for the Work Done

Referring to the employee-friendly nature of the newly built Yenice Maintenance Complex, General Manager Pezuk emphasized that safe work is the first priority for all personnel working under the roof of the General Directorate of TCDD Transportation. Pezük: “The establishment of a 'Safety Culture' in our workplaces and business processes is extremely important for the development of the right business understanding. I believe that an unsafe work discipline can lead to undesirable results, as well as reduce the respect for the work done. For this reason, it is a source of pride for our General Directorate that our Maintenance Complex has the most modern equipment of the region that supports safe working and is employee-friendly. Good planning is the key to increasing corporate efficiency, and the concrete example of this is this distinguished facility we are in.”

Adana Regional Directorate Headquarters Employees Visited

On the second day of the inspections of the General Manager Pezük Adana Regional Directorate, he visited the personnel working in the Center at their workplaces and took a while. sohbet He.

Then with the trainees who participated in the occupational safety training sohbet Pezuk underlined the importance of occupational safety and security while conducting business processes at any level.

General Manager Pezük, who was briefed on the infrastructure projects carried out jointly with TCDD, paid a visit to Alisey Felek, who was recently appointed to the 6th Regional Directorate of TCDD, and conveyed her wishes for success.

General Manager Pezük and the accompanying delegation examined the Payas logistics center and the expansion area, where 4 million tons of cargo is unloaded annually and the cargo arriving at the Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factory is unloaded. Afterwards, they supervised the loading and unloading of the Atakaş junction line, where 8 thousand tons of cargo was handled daily, despite the new commissioning.

Lastly, General Manager Pezük and the accompanying delegation visited Iskenderun Limak Port and discussed the existing rail transports to the port and the measures to be taken to increase these transports and cooperation.

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