What is an EKG Technician, What Does He Do, How To Become? EKG Technician Salaries 2022

What is an EKG Technician What Does It Do How To Become EKG Technician Salary
What is an EKG Technician, What Does He Do, How To Become EKG Technician Salaries 2022

EKG technician; It is the person who uses the electrocardiography (ECG) device, produces the electrocardiogram records of the patients in a qualified way and keeps it recorded, in line with the demands of the doctors or the institution he works for.

What Does an EKG Technician Do, What Are Their Duties?

  • To regularly explain the necessary information to the patient before the ECG recording,
  • EKG technician, to use the necessary tools, equipment and devices effectively according to the general working discipline of the institution and doctors,
  • To prepare the electrocardiography (ECG) device to perform the necessary operation on the patient,
  • While preparing the device, to comply with the occupational safety, worker health, environmental protection regulations and the requirements and quality requirements of the profession,
  • Notifying the required maintenance and repair procedures of the electrocardiography (ECG) device to the authorized persons in a timely manner, ensuring that the device is repaired if it is broken, and that the maintenance is carried out on time if it is in working condition,
  • Periodically following the patient's electrocardiogram records so that a patient with chest pain or a heart attack does not suffer any problems,
  • To follow the developments in the field of profession.

How to Become an EKG Technician?

You can become an EKG Technician by completing the undergraduate programs of allied health services of universities and participating in cardiovascular technology certificate programs. In the departments where classroom education, clinical studies and practical laboratory applications are carried out, trainings are given on subjects such as pharmacology, first aid, anatomy, physiology, cardiovascular surgery, CPR and terminology.

Universities, Vocational Schools of Health Services, Department of Medical Imaging Techniques are preferred to be an EKG technician. Here, people who are prepared for duty with intensive training and internships for two years, complete the necessary training to become an EKG technician upon graduation.

EKG Technician Salaries 2022

Salaries of 2022 EKG Technicians vary between 5.500 TL and 9.500 TL.

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