What Diabetes and Heart Patients Should Know About Fasting

What diabetes and heart patients need to know about fasting
What diabetes and heart patients need to know about fasting

Our religion does not oblige fasting in pregnant or lactating women and children who have not reached puberty, if it can worsen an existing disease. At the same time, people with mental illness or physical disability, advanced age, and those who go on grueling trips are included in this group.

Can diabetics fast?

If you have type 2 diabetes, it is important to monitor sugar levels closely during Ramadan. Because in these patients, the serious decrease in blood sugar increases 7,5 times. In these people, there may be a possibility of high blood sugar, dangerous dehydration of the body and deep vein thrombosis. If people with type 2 diabetes have blood sugar levels under control and do not use insulin, there is no medical obstacle to fasting by adjusting the dosage of diabetes medications again (by the doctor) during Ramadan. Fasting is generally not recommended in patients with type 1 diabetes.

Fasting is not recommended for patients with heart diseases.

Fasting is not medically recommended in patients with heart problems, such as people who have had a stent inserted recently, had heart surgery, had a heart attack, or if there are signs of severe heart failure and the patient's blood pressure is not under control.

The treatment process of our cancer patients can be very stressful physically and mentally. Therefore, fasting is not prescribed for health reasons in such diseases.

In general, the recommended points for the month of Ramadan for the patient groups who do not see any obstacle in fasting and for people who are healthy at the same time are as follows:

  • Consuming large amounts of water between iftar and sahur
  • Avoiding or limiting caffeinated beverages
  • Cooking with easily digestible unsaturated fats (eg olive oil)
  • Not consuming sugary foods
  • Not consuming foods with high salt and glycemic index (such as white bread, rice, pasta ravioli).

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