What Are the Characteristics of Angel Fish?


What are the characteristics of angelfish? It belongs to the chewing gum family. Native to the rainforests of countries such as Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, angelfish are South American cichlids. Other members of this group include mastiff species such as astronaut fish, Jack Dempseus, and discus fish.

What are its features?

Characteristics of angelfish What? It can reach 30 centimeters in length. If you keep this fish in a calm aquarium, they will grow to 30 centimeters in length. He is happier with his own kind. When juvenile, it has no problems with other tropical fish. However, as it grows, it becomes a territory and begins to exhibit an aggressive attitude. For this reason, it is beneficial to feed only angelfish in the aquarium.

Get a big aquarium and a good filter. But be careful not to create a strong current in the filter. What are the characteristics of angelfish? Angelfish are not active swimmers. Provide suitable conditions. The more you mimic the natural environment, the happier, healthier and less stressed the fish in the aquarium will be. It is very susceptible to white spot disease. The disease is caused by opportunistic parasites and is manifested by salty white spots on the body of the fish.

Angelfish are also very susceptible to this disease. Given the right conditions, the parasite will find a habitat and spread. Switch from one fish to another. Even if there are no fish, this parasite can be in the aquarium. High fish stocks, lack of water parameters and malnutrition accelerate disease progression. Sex cannot be determined until the female fish are ready to breed. Both breeds have papillary organs.


How to Care?

What are the characteristics of angelfish? Another point to be considered in angelfish care is aquarium planting. Aquatic plants such as Java moss, water bamboo, Amazon sword can be preferred. Thanks to these plants, the aquarium will have a beautiful appearance and the angelfish will feel like they are in their natural environment. In addition, thanks to the plants in the aquarium, favorable conditions are created for the rearing of fry. Angelfish are freshwater creatures, as in their natural habitat. Therefore, the pH of the aquarium water should be around 6-7. Again, the average scalar aquarium temperature should be between 26 and 28 degrees.

angelfish There are a few things that anyone interested in breeding should know. The most important of these is fish feeding. It is wrong to overfeed angelfish. Overfeeding can cause fish death and slow movement. During feeding, it is necessary to observe whether the fish take their food or not. Fish must be properly fed.


In addition, different auxiliary plants were preferred so that the fish could feel themselves in their natural environment. These plants will help the fish adapt more quickly. Also, angelfish can consume certain types of fish. Therefore, care should be taken when choosing fish for the aquarium. It would be more correct to choose fish with the same breeding and maintenance conditions.

Which Food Eats?

Characteristics of angelfish What? Angelfish are omnivores. In other words, they can be fed with both plant and animal foods. They are surface eaters due to their flat mouth structure. For this reason, flake food that does not sink to the bottom should be preferred in the feeding of angel fish. Again, ideal foods are frozen raw foods, raw dry foods and dry foods containing spirulina. However, if they are fed with both live and dry food in a versatile way, the filtration mechanism of the aquarium should be good and water changes should not be neglected. Also, feed angelfish 1-2 times a day and adult fish once.

How Much Are Angel Fish Prices?

Angelfish prices vary according to the type and size, as with other fish. The size of the cm changes the prices. Sometimes even the colors can affect the prices. Prices of fish with rare patterns can also vary. Average angelfish prices in 2022 are between 20 liras and 230 liras.

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