What Are the Benefits of Dates?

benefits of dates
benefits of dates

Dates, the indispensable fruit of iftar, are an important food source. Preferring dates as the first consumption with the sound of cannon in iftar balances the blood sugar level of the individual after long-term fasting. Dates, which we frequently encounter during Ramadan, are the subject of many scientific studies in terms of health benefits.

In addition to being consumed fresh and dried around the world, it is also used in pastry and various food products. Date fruit contains 44-88% sugar. Dates contain at least 15 kinds of minerals. The amount of potassium is 2,5 times that of a banana. It contains calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, and vitamin C. It contains 23 types of amino acids.

Compared to other fruits, it is seen that the nutrient content is quite high. There are many phenolic compounds in dates. The antioxidant effect of the phenolic compounds found is more than the antioxidant effect of ascorbic acid. It draws attention as the fruit with the highest polyphenol content among dried fruits.

With its high caloric value, when 100 g is consumed, it meets 11-15% of an adult's daily energy needs. Consuming 100 g of dates meets 50-100% of daily pulp intake. With its high fiber content, it contributes greatly to digestion by slowing down the emptying speed of the intestines. It helps in the healing of stomach ulcers. It should be included in the nutritional list of pregnant and lactating individuals with its iron and mineral content. Thanks to the herbal estrogens it contains, it can help pregnant individuals in their delivery. Studies show that pregnant individuals can help reduce postpartum bleeding. It has important effects in strengthening the immune system.

It should not be forgotten that due to the high amount of calories it contains, excessive consumption can cause the individual to gain weight. Dates can be consumed daily as 25-30 grams of fresh or dried fruit. Excessive consumption of individuals with kidney disease and individuals using blood thinners is inconvenient.

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