Emergency Solution Support for Historical Eyüp Ensari Mosque Reinforcement Works

Urgent Solution Support for Historical Eyup Ensari Mosque Reinforcement Works
Emergency Solution Support for Historical Eyüp Ensari Mosque Reinforcement Works

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe Emergency Solution Teams project, implemented under the leadership of , continues to solve the problems of the neighborhoods. Cement, ceramic and tile support was given to Limontepe Eyüp Ensari Mosque, whose deficiencies were identified by these teams. President Soyer visited the mosque that was damaged in the earthquake and promised help.

The Emergency Solution Teams project continues to intervene in the public's problems on the spot. 250 cubic meters of cement support and 650 square meters of ceramic and tile support were provided for the reinforcement works of the Eyüp Ensari Mosque in Limontepe Salih Omurtak District, which was damaged by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. A total of over 283 thousand liras were donated for Eyüp Ensari Mosque.

“Many of our problems have been solved”

Expressing his satisfaction with the work carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the neighborhood, Salih Omurtak Neighborhood Headman Abdullah Karslıoğlu said, “Our President Tunç Soyer When he sent the Emergency Solution Teams here, we had a lot of problems. Thanks to them, many of our problems have been solved and continue to be solved. Work continues in the market place below, the rain gratings have been renewed. We asked for help to our school, it came. Cement, ceramics and tiles were delivered to our Eyüp Ensari Mosque. Many things we demand are our President. Tunç Soyer continues to meet. Thank you very much, we are very satisfied”.

Strengthening work done

Eyüp Ensari Mosque Construction and Sustenance Association President Fevzi Kurtboğan stated that after the earthquake, a moderate damage decision was made for the mosque and said, “We also decided to strengthen our mosque. The molds were hammered, the work began. When our President visited us here, we demanded the concrete of the building. We strengthened with the incoming concrete. Later, our president visited again, saw the reinforcement. We asked the president for ceramics. Thankfully, he sent them too.”

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