Transportation Tradesmen in Istanbul Want a 50 Percent Increase! Eyes on UKOME Meeting

Transport Tradesmen in Istanbul Demand a Percent Increase in Eyes at UKOME Meeting
Transportation Tradesmen in Istanbul Want a 50 Percent Increase! Eyes on UKOME Meeting

Transportation tradesmen in Istanbul want a 50 percent hike due to increasing fuel prices. UKOME came together in the last week of March, but the requested hike rates were rejected. UKOME will meet for the second time on April 4th. Before the UKOME meeting held in March, IMM officials met with transportation tradesmen. Before the second UKOME meeting to be held on April 4, IMM officials again met with transportation tradesmen. Tradesmen stressed that the wheels in public transportation have come to a standstill, as fuel prices rise every day.

Stating that they were with the tradesmen at the meeting, IMM Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan said:

“We came together two weeks ago to request a raise. However, it was rejected at UKOME. We came together again today, we talked with our tradesmen. It was discussed that a wage increase of around 50 percent should be made as our shopkeepers said, otherwise, unfortunately, it is not possible for the transportation system to continue both on the side of the tradesmen and on the side of the IMM enterprises. We determine this calculation with a calculation method by reflecting the increase in fuel oil, minimum wage and inflation. With this calculation method, a wage increase of around 57 percent is currently needed. We will bring it to UKOME with a recommendation of around 50 percent.”


Turyol Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Kasım İnandı stated that they will have to stop the voyages unless there is a 70 percent increase in public transportation tickets by sea.

Emin Alagöz, President of Istanbul Minibus Chamber of Craftsmen, stated that many minibuses do not work due to fuel price hikes. Emin Alagöz emphasized that a 57 percent increase is a must for minibuses to work.

Göksel Ovacık, President of Istanbul Private Public Buses Chamber of Craftsmen, emphasized that they want a 57,2 percent increase to cover the increasing costs. Pointing out that the fuel, which was 2 liras 6,8 months ago, has now increased to 22 liras, Göksel Ovacık said that they will not be able to serve the people of Istanbul unless the tickets are increased by at least 50 percent.

Eyüp Aksu, Chairman of the Istanbul Taxi Drivers' Chamber, announced that the taximeter prices had increased on 24 December, but since that day, the fuel prices had increased by 100 percent. Eyüp Aksu stated that the taxi driver shopkeepers expect a 60 percent increase.


Engin Türkmen, Deputy Chairman of the Union of Istanbul Chambers and Chairman of the Arnavutköy Chamber of Drivers

“We have been eating bread from the people of Istanbul for 50 years. We apologize to them for this demand for a raise, but we need to get a 65 percent raise for the wheels to turn,” he said.

Turgay Gül, President of the Istanbul Transporters Union and Member of the Council of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that a shuttle depot was filled to 2 thousand 500 liras and stated that the tradesmen demanded a raise of around 50 percent.

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