Focus on Bulgur Consumption to Have a Healthy Ramadan Month

Give Weight to Bulgur Consumption to Have a Healthy Ramadan Month
Focus on Bulgur Consumption to Have a Healthy Ramadan Month

Duru Bulgur, which is preferred by the Turkish people with its delicious and healthy products, continues to add health and taste to the tables this Ramadan. Duru Bulgur Food Engineer Ece Duru said: "Basbaşı bulgur with 30% more flavor and fiber content will add inspiration to your iftar tables."

During Ramadan, we switch to a different meal order from our normal diet. If this rapid change in our diet is not supported by proper nutrition, it can cause problems such as hunger, sudden decrease in fasting blood sugar and constipation. Experts prefer to prefer light, fibrous foods that do not tire the digestive system in order to spend the month of Ramadan in a healthy way; He recommends consuming bulgur pilaf, which gives energy but raises blood sugar in a balanced way, instead of foods with a high glycemic index such as white bread and rice pilaf in order not to feel sluggish and exhausted. Bulgur, which is an important food source in terms of the vitamins and minerals it contains, keeps you full for a long time.

For a feeling of fullness throughout the day: Başbaşı Bulgur

Duru Bulgur Food Engineer Ece Duru said, “Bulghur and legumes are good sources of fiber in order to take care of the diet during Ramadan. Dietary fiber is resistant to digestive enzymes and passes into the large intestine without being digested in the small intestine and is fermented in the large intestine. Since fibrous foods take longer to digest, it causes a decrease in the amount of insulin and an increase in the feeling of satiety. Duru said that Başbaşı Bulgur, which stands out from other bulgur with its 30% fiber content, raises blood sugar rapidly and gives the energy we need.

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