The Design of the HÜRJET Aircraft Changes for the TCG Anadolu Ship

The Design of the HURJET Aircraft is Changing for the TCG ANADOLU Ship
The Design of the HÜRJET Aircraft Changes for the TCG ANADOLU Ship

Head of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir talked about the developments in the Turkish defense industry in the TRT News broadcast. Speaking about HÜRJET, Demir said, “The Anatolian Ship will be commissioned this year. Our HÜRJET designer friends are working on her landing and take-off. It will have both a landing capability and a powertrain platform that will carry naval, land and air elements. There was no UAV/UAV deployment as originally planned. Now, design changes are made accordingly. We hope to see our Hürjet in 2023, this is our goal. Our helicopters and planes are counting the days.” used the expressions.

Local production HÜRJET aircraft offer from TAI to Malaysia

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil was the guest of the "Gengenda Special" broadcast in A Haber. Talking about the export of HURJET to Malaysia, Kotil shared the information that HURJET is offered with the option of local production. In his speech, Kotil said, “There is a tender process for 3 HÜRJETs, 15 of which will be produced in Turkey and 18 in Malaysia. I hope it turns out positive.. " he said.

Kotil also said, “Light attack and jet training aircraft. It has a jet engine inside. It flies 40 percent louder. We put this before the National Combatant. Our state has ordered 16 of these. Turkey needs this type of aircraft. Both training and attack aircraft. This carries about 1 ton of explosives. It flies faster than sound and is economical. It is very economical compared to the F-16. It has a place in the world market. It will fly in 2023. This is a supersonic airplane.” made statements.

Other companies and aircraft that entered the tender are as follows:

  • Kemalak Systems in partnership with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI): FA 50
  • China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corp (CATIC): L-15
  • Leonardo: M-346
  • Hindustan Aeronautics: Tejas
  • Aerospace Technology Systems Corp. (Rosoboronexport): MiG-35

On the other hand, Pakistan's JF-17 Thunder fighter jet was launched as the favorite for the LCA contract in Malaysia, but did not participate in the tender.

Source: defenceturk

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