Turkey's Fastest Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Have Been Signed

Turkey's Fastest Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Have Been Signed
Turkey's Fastest Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Have Been Signed

DBE Holding subsidiary FOUR and Siemens signed a cooperation for the fast charging unit. As part of the agreement, FOUR purchased 50 charging units with 300 kW output power from Siemens. Devices that will serve with DC electricity will charge electric vehicles in as little as 25 minutes.

DBE Holding, one of the leading companies in the renewable energy sector, cooperated with Siemens for the fast charging unit. According to the agreement, FOUR, a subsidiary of DBE Holding, purchased 50 fast charging units from Siemens. Mehmet Taha Pınar, Chairman of the Board of DBE Holding, wished that the agreement they made with Siemens would be fruitful for all industry stakeholders.

Charging time will be reduced to 25 minutes

Evaluating the details of the agreement, Pınar said, “We continue our cooperation with Siemens. We signed another agreement with them. According to the agreement, we will purchase 50 fast charging units with 300 kW output power. Within the scope of this investment, our purchase will reach 350 units in the ongoing process. We aim to establish a sustainable infrastructure system throughout Turkey by increasing the number of stations with FOUR, which we accept as the starting point. Currently, there are approximately 3 charging stations in Turkey that are open to public use. 500 percent of them have an output of 95 kW and the filling times of these products can reach 22-4 hours. The products we will use are devices that serve with DC electricity with an output power of 6 kW. However, the charging times will be reduced to 300 minutes compared to the batteries of the vehicles.” said.

Making evaluations about electric vehicle charging stations, Pınar said: “With this agreement, our aim is to reach a widespread network from scratch. Today, we need to implement the technology of the future. We will make completely environmentally friendly production by obtaining the energy of the stations we will establish from renewable sources. With this opportunity, we will pave the way for the transformation of heavy vehicles into electric vehicles. DC charging stations established in our country have an output power of 50-100 kW, although these devices are called fast chargers in Turkey, they are divided into two as “Supercharger” and “Rapidcharger” in Europe. It is exciting for us to be installing Turkey's first Rapidchargers in Turkey with Siemens. We know that our country is in a transformation in terms of electric vehicles. At the same time, we are planning the future with the awareness that blockchain-based technologies will increase its activities in every field. In this respect, it is a very important development for our country that renewable energy is managed with a blockchain-based YEK-G certificate. For this reason, we will be offering our blockchain-integrated infrastructure so that the service we will provide can serve on a zero carbon basis within the scope of the Kyoto Protocol. At the same time, while providing charging service; We are about to complete our R&D activities for an infrastructure in which Block-chain / Electricity Storage / Demand Balancing / Renewable Energy Production will work fully integrated. The fact that our country is ready for the next generation technology as an infrastructure, developing user demand and this cooperation with Siemens shows that we are taking the right steps for the future.”

“We are working for a carbon-neutral economy with our technology production, which is the goal”

Commenting on the cooperation agreement with FOUR, Siemens Turkey Chairman and CEO Hüseyin Gelis said, “We are working for a carbon-neutral future with our DEGREE strategy, which we have implemented as part of our sustainability-based growth strategy. DEGREE is the name of our 6 priorities: decarbonisation, ethics, governance, resource efficiency, equity and employability.” said.

Stating that they act with the approach of 'Transforming the Present for the Future', Gelis said, “As Siemens Turkey, we have been leading the technological development of our country for more than 165 years. We aim to create benefits for industries, the environment and the world by producing technology with a purpose. Our most important goal is to support the energy efficiency and sustainability efforts of the institutions we cooperate and serve, and thus contribute to a carbon neutral future. We are aware of the importance of electric vehicles for a sustainable future. With our point of view of technology, we produce fast charging units in this field and offer them to use. In this context, I find our cooperation with FOUR, a subsidiary of DBE Holding, very valuable, and consider it an important step for a sustainable future. “He ended his speech.

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