Robot Dogs on Shanghai Streets Fight Covid-19

Robot Dogs Fight Kovid On The Streets Of Shanghai
Robot Dogs on Shanghai Streets Fight Covid-19

Two years after its emergence, Kovid-19 sparked a new wave of epidemics in China, which has a "zero case" policy. That's why partial and regional quarantine processes have begun in cities such as Shenzhen, Shenyang and even Shanghai. For example, in Shanghai, a megacity of 26 million, authorities have decided that half of the population stays at home for 15 days, and the other half for the next 15 days.

In Shanghai, which is experiencing a partial shutdown, robot-dogs began to patrol the streets to ensure that the restrictions and general health rules are followed. When many Shanghai residents heard loud announcements such as “Don't take off your mask, wash your hands often, check your temperature”, they thought it was coming from a speaker attached to a drone. But then it turned out that this voice came from a robot-dog with a megaphone strapped to his back.

The robot in question is a model produced by the Chinese Unitree Robotics. The megaphone is attached to the robot dog's back and a useful and purposeful mechanism has been created. The same robot dog is used in Singapore to warn people walking in the parks to keep their distance against the danger of epidemic.

It won't be too surprising any time soon to come across such a robot dog on the street in Shanghai; because some people started to walk robot dogs with them like pets. These robots, which can be used for approximately 90 minutes without being charged, can travel at a speed of 17 kilometers per hour.

These robots have also started to be used in workplaces. For example, a company in Shenzhen has a robot that disinfects a canteen that can hold 1.200 people with ultraviolet. This robot contributes to the fight against the epidemic by disinfecting the cafeteria every night.

Source: China International Radio

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