Revolutionary Technology for the Digitization of Industrialists of All Sizes

Revolutionary Technology for the Digitalization of Industrialists of All Sizes
Revolutionary Technology for the Digitization of Industrialists of All Sizes

The profitability of the industry will double with ProManage Cloud, developed by the technology company Doruk with its digitalization experience of more than a quarter of a century.

Businesses that invest in digitalization with the right and smart methods gain a very serious competitive advantage. Especially SMEs, which try to use their resources very efficiently, are hesitant to take a step towards digitalization because they think that issues such as budget and human resources will be an obstacle. At this point, a revolutionary new technology that will facilitate the digitalization of industrialists of all sizes draws attention. Doruk, a quarter-century-old technology company that has carried out the digital transformation of more than 300 factories, including many world-leading industrial organizations, is preparing SMEs for the world of the future with the new ProManage Cloud, an IoT-based and leveled production management system. Prepared to meet all the digitalization needs of industrialists from every sector, ProManage Cloud is preparing to be the first choice of all industrialists who want to step into digitalization with four different subscription options. Saying that ProManage Cloud offers progressive digitalization, Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation General Manager Aylin Tülay Özden underlined that they will rewrite the rules of the game in digitalization in production by removing all obstacles to digital transformation with this technology.

ProManage Cloud, the new product developed by technology company Doruk in the light of nearly 25 years of expertise, enables businesses to enter the digital world in line with their needs with small budgets. ProManage Cloud, an IoT-based production management (MES/MOM) system, supports seeing machine downtimes and taking action by detecting errors; It offers the opportunity to increase the production speed by at least 50 percent. Saying that ProManage Cloud, which offers the easiest way to become a smart factory, removes all obstacles to digital transformation, Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation General Manager Aylin Tülay Özden emphasized that this technology will be a solution partner for industrialists who want to have a traceable and manageable business.

There will be no industrialists who do not digitize their production and double their profitability.

ProManage Cloud enables industrialists to take firm steps forward in their business culture and ways of doing business as part of their digital transformation journey and to grow by doubling their profitability. Saying that they have implemented ProManage Cloud to enable industrialists to become one of the sustainable, smart, profitable, growing and preferred businesses of the future with small budgets; “With this new technology and approach, which offers the easiest way to be a smart factory and a successful supplier in the future, we are removing all obstacles to digital transformation. With ProManage Cloud, which enables us to step into a new era in digitalization in production, we offer great convenience to industrialists with the advantage of being able to be managed with the existing internet infrastructure without the need for extra machinery investment.”

Step-by-step digitalization packages for the industrialist's needs

Saying that they have created four subscription options, "My Business is Mobile, My Business is Digital, My Business is Integrated and My Business is Smart", which are prepared according to the different needs of companies, Aylin Özden said, "Choosing one of these packages is both economical and taking a step into digitalization is as short as a day. Moreover, thanks to the first and second starter packages, SMEs can start digitalization easily and quickly. Thus, all our industrialists; It can step into the digital world by managing its businesses quickly, without loss, smart and high quality. This technology, which provides the opportunity to monitor all production processes and equipment of enterprises from anywhere at any time, also enables instant monitoring of whether the machines are working or not. “As businesses can access ProManage Cloud from anywhere, the resulting traceability increases efficiency in the production line and supports the creation of an effective sales strategy.”

First choice of factories for step-by-step digitalization

Aylin Özden stated that every factory should constantly change and develop itself in line with the needs and expectations; “A system that grows with factories will be an ideal solution partner for factories. We built ProManage Cloud on this philosophy. ProManage Cloud provides the opportunity to progress on the same infrastructure from the easiest scope to the most advanced scope. When a more advanced system is needed in the future, high functions can be obtained instantly with a phone. It provides the chance to add the functions of the most advanced MES/MOM systems in the world to the machine monitoring investment to be made on the first day, and to continuously transform the system according to its own needs. ProManage Cloud, which continues its continuous development by a team of our expert engineers in line with the needs of thousands of industrialists, will continue its own process in line with the expectations of the new age," and talked about the dynamics of the system that are open to development.

50% more production with the same resource thanks to ProManage Cloud

Saying that Promanage Cloud offers businesses regular digital journeys with a gradual approach, Aylin Özden; “As a first step, the managers will notice the operating conditions and malfunctions based on data, and the production status of the machine park and production line can be followed instantly and from a bird's eye view; When warning/alarm is required, it enables the company to be in control with real data, by obtaining a status or statistical analysis report. Thus, operators have a clear view of the amount of losses and the additional capacity utilization or cost reduction they can gain through recovery. In the following stages, they support the establishment of a culture of continuous improvement in the enterprise, such as automatically, digitally and instantaneously detecting time and quality losses in the machinery park and production lines, clarifying the amount and causes of the losses, and taking action by detecting the malfunctions. In this respect, the training and cultural transformation needs of the existing production team of digitalization are solved in the most natural way possible. With this stage, industrialists carry out their activities by increasing their production capacity at least 50 percent in their enterprises. In other words; Industrialists who complete this stage can produce 50 percent more with the same resource or can produce their current production at least 30 percent less time, that is, faster. At the same time, they implement their products and solutions by using 30 percent less resources.”

With ProManage Cloud, it is also possible to switch to the use of MES/MOM.

Expressing that there will be no industrialists who do not digitize their production anymore, Aylin Özden said the following about ProManage Cloud: “Because ProManage is a flexible system that continues its development, it can respond to different needs in the following processes. At this point, the next stage is the production operations management application, also called MES/MOM, where the entire production operational flow from order to shipment is implemented with the help of digital tools in the fastest, most profitable and high quality. Industrial enterprises that have reached the stage of using MES/MOM have the ability to fully implement world-class production management operations and to stay ahead of all their competitors in the world.”

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