Ramadan Feast Traffic Measures Circular Sent to 81 Provincial Governorships

Ramadan Bayram Traffic Measures Circular Sent to Provincial Governorship
Ramadan Feast Traffic Measures Circular Sent to 81 Provincial Governorships

The Ministry of Interior will take strict security measures on highways during the Ramadan Feast holiday. A total of 110 thousand traffic teams/teams and 208 thousand 900 personnel from the police and gendarmerie will be on duty before and after the holiday.

As the traffic activity on the highways increased due to the approaching Eid al-Fitr, the Ministry of Interior took its measures to the highest level. The Ministry sent a circular to 81 Provincial Governorships on “Ramadan Feast Traffic Measures in 2022”. According to the circular, the measures to be taken during the Ramadan Feast will start on April 29 before the Eid holiday and will last until 09 May.

As part of the holiday measures, police and gendarmerie traffic teams will conduct joint inspections. In the Gendarmerie traffic responsibility areas, on the routes where vehicle traffic and accidents are concentrated, inspections will be increased by mixed teams, minimizing rule violations and thus preventing fatal accidents.

In order to control the traffic measures on-site during the holiday and to intervene immediately in the problems that may occur; Our Minister Mr. Especially Süleyman Soylu, Deputy Ministers, Gendarmerie General Commander, General Director of Security, all governors and district governors, Deputy General Directors and Heads of Departments of the General Directorate of Security, Deputy Commanders and Heads of Departments of the Gendarmerie General Command, provincial / district police / gendarmerie directors and commanders are on the field. it will be. During the festive holiday, in order to determine and control whether there is a need for additional measures, as well as the implementation of traffic measures taken especially at the accident land points and routes where the accidents are concentrated;

  • 30 Chief Inspector of Police,
  • 4 Gendarmerie Chief Inspector / Inspector,
  • 22 inspectors, 56 of whom were members of the Gendarmerie Inspection, were assigned.
  1. Speed ​​controls and aerial controls will be increased. During the Ramadan Feast, weight will be given to inspections to prevent speed-related accidents. Speed ​​controls will be increased with Mobile Radar Vehicles and Electronic Systems on road sections where accidents are concentrated. Violations of mobile phones, seat belts and red lights will be detected by using cameras belonging to KGYS, which are installed especially in settlements and intersections.
  2. It will be ensured that the traffic teams are VISIBLE, especially on the responsibility routes where accidents are intense. In order to increase the sense of control over drivers in regions where accidents are concentrated, the "Model/Model Traffic Team Vehicle" application placed on the route will continue.
  3. Aerial traffic inspections with helicopters, drones and UAV type aircraft will be increased during the holiday. These inspections will be carried out by the police / gendarmerie units through mixed teams, covering the entire province, regardless of their area of ​​responsibility.
  4. Limitation of vehicle entrances and exits. Buses will not be allowed to take off outside the terminal and the permitted places. Inspections on buses with civilian personnel will continue this holiday. During the inspections, drivers who are traveling between 05.00 and 07.00 will be invited out of the vehicle and necessary controls will be made and drivers who show signs of insomnia or fatigue will be allowed to rest outside the vehicle.
  5. Agricultural vehicles, heavy tonnage vehicles will not be allowed to enter the traffic inappropriately and during heavy traffic hours. Road vehicles carrying seasonal agricultural workers will not be allowed to travel between cities between 24.00 and 06.00. In regions where agricultural activities are intense, agricultural agricultural vehicles, tractors and combine harvesters will be prevented from navigating in traffic on the highway. If deemed necessary on the routes where the traffic is concentrated, heavy tonnage vehicles and agricultural vehicles will be temporarily held in suitable places until the traffic density ends, with the instruction of the traffic unit chiefs.
  6. Motorcycle and motor bike inspections will be tightened. Inspections will be made at the points where motorcycles and mopeds are more involved in traffic, depending on the fact that both individual and businesses such as restaurants and markets increase their services to their customers through couriers. In the controls, it will be checked whether the motorcycle drivers violate the rules such as lane and light violations, stepping on the pedestrian path, driving in the opposite direction, and whether they drive without a registration plate, without a driver's license and without a helmet. An inspection will be carried out with the security teams for modified vehicles and vehicles with inappropriate exhaust and light equipment, and the detected vehicles will be banned from traffic and sent for inspection. Controls will be focused on those who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  7. Face-to-face communication in inspections. During the inspections, citizens will be informed about complying with speed limits, wearing seat belts in the front and back seats, not using mobile phones while driving, complying with lane and tracking rules, not losing their concentration during travel, traveling by taking a break against insomnia and fatigue, by communicating face-to-face with the citizens during the inspections. .
  8. Have a blessed holiday. Our Ministry also aims to promote the use of seat belts in traffic and to emphasize the importance of in-car seat belts with the mottos "Have a Happy Holidays, Get Better in Traffic Every Year", "My Belt is Always on My Mind", "Pedestrians Are Our Red Line", "Give Way to Life" and "Life Takes a Move". will draw attention. Billboards with mottos will be hung and social media and media organs will be used.

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