Otokar Introduced 12-Ton Atlas Truck

Otokar Introduced Ton-Ton Atlas Truck
Otokar Introduced 12-Ton Atlas Truck

One of the Koç Group companies, Otokar is expanding its truck family. Bringing a breath of fresh air to the light truck segment with Atlas, which was put up for sale in 2013 to ease the burden of trade, Otokar is increasing its claim in the sector with Atlas 12D, the new 3-ton member of the family.

Turkey's leading automotive manufacturer, Otokar, takes its claim in the truck market to a different level. Otokar, which has been the primary choice of businesses in different business lines for nearly 10 years with its flexible structure that can be adapted to every service, introduced the new version of Atlas. Otokar's new vehicle introduction meeting, which also took its place in the 3-ton segment with its new truck called Atlas 12D, was held at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum.


Otokar Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül stated that Atlas 3D, the new member of the Otokar truck family, named after the mighty hero Atlas, who carries the sky dome on his shoulders in mythology, will continue to be a powerful hero of trade with its superior features. “About 10 years ago, we carried our experience in the field of commercial vehicles to the light truck segment with Atlas. Atlas has gained great appreciation from businesses and public institutions in different business lines. In order to meet the expectations and needs in the market, we prepared the new member of the Atlas family as a 12-ton and 3-axle version. New Atlas 3D will bring a breath of fresh air to the light truck segment with its maximum load weight of 12 tons, reasonable investment cost, economical fuel consumption, low spare parts and maintenance costs.


Akgül stated that they aim to increase Otokar's output in the field of trucks with Atlas 3D; “Our truck family is growing with our new vehicle, Atlas 3D. Atlas has been the primary choice of many institutions and companies with its high power and performance features as well as being resistant to difficult conditions. We want to carry our current success to a different tonnage with our new truck. We believe that the New Atlas will attract great attention in the market with its power and comfort, as well as the higher carrying capacity it offers to its users. Atlas 3D is a candidate to be the favorite tool of the logistics and transportation industry. Last year, we increased our sales by 50 percent in the light truck segment, which grew by 64 percent. In the first quarter of 2022, we doubled our truck sales compared to the same period of the previous year. With the new Atlas 2D, we want to continue our strong debut in trucks with the same momentum.”


Otokar also shared an innovation on warranty at the ATLAS 3D presentation meeting. Otokar Atlas will offer a 8,5-year unlimited mileage warranty for its 12-ton and 3-ton trucks in its truck product range.


12-ton Atlas 3D with high carrying capacity; In addition to its powerful engine with high torque, it enables high tonnage loads to be transported quickly and easily with its suitable dimensions that allow easy entry into narrow streets. Atlas 3D stands out with its powerful, long-lasting and economical engine, as well as its full air brake system, solid chassis, superior safety features, and high load limit. Atlas 3D offers performance, comfort and safety at the highest level with its superior features. Atlas 3D always contributes to the economy of its user with its low fuel and maintenance costs and appropriate spare parts cost.


Atlas 3D offers a comfortable driving experience with its technologies. The new member of the Otokar truck family, which facilitates vehicle control and ensures safe driving with its shortcut keys on the steering wheel, offers its users a high level of comfort while doing their job with cruise control (Cruise control), 6-speed gear system, spacious and modern interior cabin offered as standard. Atlas 3,2D, which instantly transmits the setting, navigation and warning information about the vehicle to its user through its 3 inch digital display, creates a spacious environment with its large interior volume and large windows. Stylish and ergonomic seats with height-adjustable headrests, adjustable driver's seat according to driving preference, ergonomics and comfort are promised even in long-term use. The vehicle, which provides a safer and more comfortable driving opportunity with its heated and electrically controlled exterior mirrors, offers safe travel in all conditions with its automatic headlights in the dark and auxiliary lighting activated by a signal.


Atlas 3D, which provides higher road holding and safer driving with its front track width, comes to the fore with features such as advanced lighting system, reinforced side doors as well as parking sensors. Atlas 3D also includes full air brake system, EBS, exhaust brake, LDWS, AEBS, ESC and ACC features. Atlas 3D, the new member of the Otokar Atlas family, which is the primary choice in the sector with its flexible structure that can be adapted to every service, draws attention with its suitability for the use of logistics, transportation and cargo sectors.

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