Ordu Vosvos Festival Will Add Color to the Highlands This Year

Ordu Vosvos Festival Will Continue to Add Color to the Highlands
Ordu Vosvos Festival Will Continue to Add Color to the Highlands

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. The tourism attack initiated by Mehmet Hilmi Güler within the scope of the slogan “Army for 3 months, not 12 months” continues without saying summer or winter.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which draws attention with the winter festivals it organizes in the highlands of Ordu in the winter season, will also organize a festival in the highlands in the summer season. Volkswagen's legendary "tortoise" model vosvos will continue to add color to the Ordu highlands this year, as it does every year.

Within the scope of the “Vosvos Festival” organized to contribute to the promotion of Ordu, vosvos enthusiasts from all over Turkey will tour the vast plateaus of Ordu with their colorful cars.

Organized for the first time in Turkey in 1995 in Ordu, after a break for a while, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Within the scope of the festivals restarted by Mehmet Hilmi Güler, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality carried out special works for the vosvos that will come to Ordu. By equipping the walls at the entrance of the city with 52 vosvos graffiti, the Metropolitan Municipality once again showed the importance it attaches to vosvos.


President Advisor Asım Suyabatmaz stated that they have started working to organize the Vosvos Festival, which is identified with Ordu, and said that their goal is to increase the tourism potential of Ordu and to ensure that the uniquely beautiful plateaus can be seen by everyone.

Stating that the Vosvos are identified with Ordu, Consultant Asım Suyabatmaz said, “We had already started working to continue the process that started with the Vosvos Festival, which was held for the first time in 1995. Our President, Dr. With the instructions of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, we started working to organize our Vosvos Festival this year, which we could not do last year due to the pandemic. Ordu is a city identified with vosvos. That's why we want to turn this into an opportunity. Vosvos Festival makes a great contribution to the promotion of our other plateaus, especially Çambaşı Plateau, which is the closest plateau to the sea and the coast.

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