New ones are being added to the Student Dormitories of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

New ones are being added to the Student Dormitories of Istanbul Buyuksehir Municipality
New ones are being added to the Student Dormitories of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

İBB is expanding its dormitory services for students, which it started for the first time in its history. IMM, which opened three dormitories for girls at the beginning of the term, is preparing to open a boys' dormitory and the new dormitory buildings it took over in 2022-2023.

IMM, which opened one girls' dormitory in Beyoğlu and two in Avcılar, continues its dormitory services to its students. IMM Youth and Sports Directorate, which runs the existing dormitories, continues the discovery, determination, rental and licensing processes for the new dormitories to be put into service.


In addition to the girls' dormitories opened by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the physical studies and license procedures of the dormitory that will serve male students in Gaziosmanpaşa have been completed. In Private İBB Gaziosmanpaşa Higher Education Male Student Dormitory, all rooms and common areas were equipped with items and equipment to be used by students and made suitable for use. 372 students will be accommodated in the dormitory, which is ready for the opening.


There are five new higher education dormitories that IMM has taken over by leasing. The first of the dormitories, whose contracts have been made and whose renovation and maintenance works will be completed until the next term, will serve 500 female students in Esenyurt. Bayrampaşa Private İBB Higher Education Girls' Dormitory will host 260 students. Another dormitory contracted with the IMM Youth and Sports Directorate is Maltepe Higher Education Girls' Dormitory with a capacity of 251 students. İBB will also provide accommodation for female students in Eyüpsultan. Santral Higher Education Girls' Dormitory, which has been transferred, has a capacity of 260 students. İzzetpaşa Higher Education Male Student Dormitory, which is owned by Şişli Municipality and allocated to İBB, will offer accommodation with a capacity of 100 students.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provides services in existing dormitories for girls with a capacity of 622 people. With the construction of Private İBB Gaziosmanpaşa Higher Education Male Student Dormitory and the new dormitories whose contracts have been completed recently, accommodation will be provided for 1743 more students. Thus, the number of students benefiting from the dormitory services of IMM will increase to 2 thousand 365. Students will be able to stay in the new dormitories with the existing dormitory fee of IMM, which is 600 TL. Students will not be charged an additional fee for breakfast and dinner.


Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu New dormitories are also being built at different points in order to realize the target of "reaching a capacity of 2022 thousand beds by the end of 5" as set forth by the company. The construction of 2 new dormitory buildings in Küçükçekmece and Bağcılar by the İBB Directorate of Construction continues. In order to provide accommodation services in districts such as Maltepe, Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Fatih and Beyoğlu where the student population is high, locating, exploration and negotiations with property owners continue.

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