National Anatolian Eagle 2022/1 Training Successfully Completed

National Anatolian Eagle Training Successfully Completed
National Anatolian Eagle-20221 Training Successfully Completed

The National Anatolian Eagle-4/3 Training, which started on April 2022 at the 1rd Main Jet Base Command in Konya and was carried out under day and night conditions with the participation of national elements affiliated to our Naval and Air Force Commands, was successfully completed.

To education; F-4E 2020, F-16, KC-135R Aerial Refueling (HYİ), E-7T Airborne Warning and Control (HIK) aircraft and ANKA-S Unmanned Aerial Vehicles participated.

During the training, 283 sorties were carried out; Air-Ground, Air-Air, Air Defense Pressure, Reconnaissance, High-Value Target Protection, Close Air Support, Air Refueling missions and Surface Assault missions were carried out jointly with the Blue Homeland-22 Exercise.

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