Martyr Policemen Commemorated with a Ceremony Held in Cebeci Cemetery

Martyr Cops Commemorated with a Ceremony Held in Cebeci Martyrdom
Martyr Policemen Commemorated with a Ceremony Held in Cebeci Cemetery

A ceremony was held in Cebeci Police Cemetery for the 177th anniversary of the establishment of the Police Force.

The ceremony was attended by the Chief of Police Mehmet Aktaş, the President of the Police Academy Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Çolak, deputy general directors of police, heads of departments, Ankara Police Chief Servet Yılmaz, relatives of martyrs and many police personnel attended.

At the ceremony, after Aktaş laid a wreath on the martyrdom monument, a moment of silence was held and the National Anthem was sung.

Aktaş, who signed the memorial book of martyrdom after the ceremony's firing of respect, stated that they experienced the honor and pride of serving the nation under the shade of the glorious flag with the inspiration and courage they received from the martyrs.

Stating that they will protect the trust left by the martyrs to the last drop of their blood, and that they bear the responsibility of being worthy of the Turkish nation and martyrs who were born from their ashes in every period of history, Aktaş said: With the accumulation and experience of 177 years, it takes the ethical values ​​​​on the police star as a guide and continues on its way with determination. You are our greatest spiritual power on this path. Your heroism, which will live forever, is the main support and strongest guarantee of our State of the Republic of Turkey.

Every member of our Turkish Police Force, who has put the survival of our state above everything else and the peace and security of our nation for 177 years, and does not hesitate to give his life and blood for this cause, will continue their struggle against all evil centers and will consider it an honor to be a martyr for this cause, like you.

We will cherish the memories of you, whom we sent off to our Prophet as neighbors, with respect and pride, protect your precious families entrusted to us as our eyes, and we will consider it our duty to tell the future generations about your struggles that went down in the golden pages of history.

On the occasion of our 177th anniversary, we once again bow to your cherished memories with respect and reverence. May God not embarrass us with you.

Altındağ District Mufti Kamil Haliloğlu and muezzin Ali Şahin read the Quran and prayed.

The ceremony in Cebeci Martyrdom ended with Aktaş and his companions leaving carnations on the graves of the martyrs.

Meanwhile, a commemoration program was held at the cemeteries in Gölbaşı and Karşıkaya cemeteries.

Mevlit for Martyrs was recited in Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque

Before the Friday prayer, the mawlid was read in the Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque. Minister Süleyman Soylu, Deputy Minister Muhterem İnce, Chief of Police Mehmet Aktaş and senior police officials attended the Mevlide.

At the exit of the mosque, rose water and Turkish delight were offered to the citizens.

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