Liquid Fertilizer Support for Capital Farmers Now

Liquid Fertilizer Support to Farmers in the Capital Now
Liquid Fertilizer Support for Capital Farmers Now

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to support the farmers of the capital city with the supports that will provide rural development. Following the support of diesel, seeds and seedlings, ABB now provides liquid fertilizer support to enable domestic producers to get more efficiency from their agricultural lands. While the liquid fertilizer distribution produced by BelPLAS AŞ will start in the district of Polatlı, the nature-friendly liquid fertilizer will be distributed to 50 thousand 50 farmers who plant barley and wheat in the first place.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to diversify its rural development supports in order to increase the efficiency and quality of the capital's agriculture and to contribute to the domestic producers economically.

After the support of diesel, chickpea and vegetable seedlings to the producers in the Capital city, ABB has now started to provide liquid fertilizer support with 50 percent grant and 50 percent farmer contribution.

While the distribution of liquid fertilizers produced by BelPLAS AŞ, one of the subsidiaries of the Metropolitan Municipality, will start in the district of Polatlı in the first place, liquid fertilizer support will be provided to 25 thousand 4 farmers planting barley and wheat in all 25 districts.


1 million 200 thousand liters of liquid organomineral and microbial fertilizers with NPK (with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements) produced by BelPLAS AŞ this year, 387 thousand 480 liters will be distributed to the farmers in the Capital city.

BelPLAS teams, who took action due to the damage of chemical fertilizers to the soil, produced nature-friendly liquid fertilizer in order to eliminate the harms of chemical fertilizers and to contribute financially to the farmers who are having difficulties in the face of increasing costs. Thanks to the liquid fertilizers with high nutritional value, which are produced in BelPLAS Laboratories and contain organic substances, domestic producers will both provide more harvest and be economically comfortable.

BelPLAS AŞ Deputy General Manager Mustafa Hazman stated that they started to distribute liquid fertilizer to the farmers who first plant barley and wheat seasonally, and then they will provide this support to the producers who grow vegetables.

“Last year, there was organic fertilizer distribution, but this year as Metropolitan, we took it one step further. We produce and distribute fertilizers that we call organomineral fertilizers, which we call microbial fertilizers, which regulate the soil, increase the harvest, are good for the soil, and will enable the villagers to turn to environmentalist and biological agriculture. We wish you a good harvest."


The farmers, who receive wheat and barley seed support from the Metropolitan Municipality, show great interest in the liquid fertilizer, which is distributed by the teams of the Rural Development Department, in order to use the planted grains during tillering and rooting.

The farmers of Polatlı, who benefit from the support of both quality and affordable fertilizers according to market prices, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

Bekir Ozcan: “I wasn't thinking of planting at all this year. Because I could not buy fertilizers or seeds. I got my seed and I got my fertilizer, so I plant it, it's a wonderful thing.”

İdris Öztürk: “These supports are really nice, they are made to help the farmers and we are really pleased. The situation of the farmer is very difficult, there is no purchasing power, we cannot add fertilizer. I have been a farmer for 30 years and there was no such support before.”

Serafettin Ozdemir: “I am very pleased with Mansur Yavaş's projects that support us. I bought wheat seeds, I benefited from chickpea support and diesel support. We will buy grass, we are buying liquid fertilizer now. We would have difficulties without these contributions, we get more efficient results with these services.”

Halit Guest: “These supports are very good for the farmer for the farmer. It's an unprecedented situation. We make use of grass, diesel, fertilizer, seeds. God bless those who work for the country. I am 70 years old, we are farmers from my father. In the absence of these supports, we were planting again, but it was very difficult. These applications put our hands at ease.”

Levent Veteran: “I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor very much. We benefited from wheat, diesel and medicine. Its contribution to our budget is great. We really couldn't take it, thank you."

Ahmet Koc: “In any case, our president is with us. He fed our animals. We buy grass, we buy fertilizer. Thank you very much for the wheat. These practices have great support for the villagers.”

İsmail Ersoy (Mayor of Karaahmet Village): “I am also a farmer. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor very much, he held the farmer's hand. We bought wheat seeds, we got yield in our perfect land. The farmer's labor will not be in vain. Thank you very much.”

Emin Ertugrul: “I have been farming since I was 17 years old. The liquid fertilizer distributed to us has many benefits, moreover, we learned that they are produced by the Metropolitan Municipality. Liquid fertilizers have great benefits for plants, they increase the productivity taken from the soil.”

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