Aiming to Prevent Occupational Accidents with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Aiming to Prevent Work Accidents with Artificial Intelligence Technology
Aiming to Prevent Occupational Accidents with Artificial Intelligence Technology

The Signing Ceremony of the 'Dissemination of OHS Technologies Project', implemented by the Turkish Confederation of Employer Unions (TİSK) and TİSK Microsurgery Foundation in intense cooperation, was hosted by GEBKİM OSB. Speaking at the ceremony, Vefa İbrahim Vehicle, Chairman of the Board of GEBKİM OIZ, stated that they will continue to work to spread this awareness in OIZs without slowing down, and said, “As GEBKİM OIZ, 'Occupational Health and Safety' is the main article of our work. We are carrying out a similar study in this area within the body of GEBKİM. Our first project in Turkey was deemed worthy of the first prize in the Occupational Health and Safety category at the 'Common Tomorrows 2021' Awards organized by TİSK.” used the expressions.

Turkey's 'Journey to Zero Accident' process, which is carried out with the aim of preventing occupational accidents with the use of technology, started with the signing ceremony hosted by GEBKİM OSB. Thanks to the project to be implemented with the intense cooperation of the Confederation of Turkish Employers' Unions (TİSK) and the TİSK Microsurgery Foundation, accidents that cause great material and moral losses will be prevented. Within the scope of the project, the artificial intelligence system will be integrated into the security cameras in the workplaces, and the employees will be followed closely, and the artificial intelligence will predict a possible accident and warn the employees. Vefa İbrahim Araci, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GEBKIM OSB, who hosted the ceremony, stated that the safety of their employees and their lives is of great importance to them, and that the 'Emergency Response Software' project, which is the first in Turkey, will be implemented by them. stressed.

The ceremony hosted by GEBKİM OSB was attended by Kocaeli Deputy Governor İsmail Gültekin, Dilovası District Governor Metin Kubilay, Occupational Health and Safety Acting General Manager Assoc. Dr. Muhittin Bilge and GEBKİM OSB Chairman Vefa İbrahim Araci. At the ceremony, one of the main stakeholders of the project, TİSK MCV Chairman of the Board F. Fethi Hinginar, TİSK Executive Board Member Levent Kocagül and intenseye CEO Mr. Sercan Esen made their opening speeches and signed the protocol.


With the project, which offers a technological solution in the field of OHS, occupational accidents in enterprises will be preventable by using the artificial intelligence supported OHS video analysis software platform intenseye technology. Without the need for additional hardware, the integration of the software platform with the existing cameras in the workplaces will be able to predetermine the risks of occupational accidents in the production area. With the project, businesses are offered special approaches to the needs of the workplace, especially on issues such as social distance rules, protective equipment control, field management, vehicle and equipment tracking during the epidemic process. In addition, the project prioritizes the privacy of personal data and information security for employees. The technology integration of 200 facilities from different sectors in the TİSK ecosystem will be supported by the TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation within the scope of the project.


Speaking at the ceremony, TİSK MCV Chairman F. Fethi Hinginar thanked GEBKİM OSB Chairman Vefa İbrahim Araci for his hospitality and said, “We know that GEBKIM attaches great importance to occupational health and safety. We closely and appreciatively follow the diligent work carried out under the leadership of Mr. İbrahim. We are also very happy to have a factory here.” used the expressions.


TİSK Executive Board Member Levent Kocagül stated that according to the researches, 7 employee has a work accident every 1 seconds in the world and said, “Since the first day of TİSK's establishment, we have been striving to fulfill our duty in the field of OHS. It is vital that we realize many more such as this one.” made a statement.


Stating that the hosting of GEBKİM has a special importance for him and TİSK, Kocagül said, “The late President of TİSK and KİPLAS, Mr. Refik Baydur, contributed a lot to the establishment of GEBKİM. Mr. İbrahim Araci Chairman is a very valuable member of our KIPLAS Management team. Erol Kiresepi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of KİPLAS and Honorary President of the International Organization of Employers, is also from GEBKİM. GEBKİM members lead both in the field of OHS and in pioneering studies such as the GEBKİM Technology Development and Solution Center (GEBTEK). In addition, they have very valuable studies in the field of OHS. GEBKİM's 'Emergency Response Software Study' in the chemical sector won first place in the TİSK's Common Tomorrows Award process.” he said.


Vefa İbrahim Araci, Chairman of the Board of GEBKIM OSB, which hosted the organization, made the following statements in his speech:

“Today, we are very happy to host the "Zero Accident Journey in the Field of OHS" process of TİSK, one of Turkey's most valuable and distinguished institutions, which is of great importance in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.

TİSK is of great importance to us. We cannot forget that our late President, Refik Baydur, who also served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at TİSK, gave the greatest influence to TİSK and to the formation of GEBKİM OIZ. GEBKİM OIZ owes its pioneering and role model structure in Turkey to our Founding President, Refik Baydur, who laid the foundations for this. I once again commemorate the late Refik Baydur, who is our common value with TİSK.


As GEBKİM OSB, 'Occupational Health and Safety' is the main item of our work. In fact, we are carrying out a similar study in this area within the body of GEBKİM. As GEBKİM, we started our 'Journey to Zero Accident' process at the beginning of 2021.


With our 'Emergency Response Software' project, unmanned aerial vehicles that will autonomously patrol our OIZ are designed to automatically inform the authorities in case of any danger. Thus, we will be able to observe emergencies at an early stage and respond effectively and safely. Our project, which is the first in Turkey and supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the European Union, was awarded in the Occupational Health and Safety category at the 'Common Tomorrows 2021' Awards organized by TİSK.


Our employees and their safety are important to us. First of all, this is our debt to our employees who put forth their efforts tirelessly and tirelessly. We would like to thank TİSK, TİSK Microsurgery Foundation and intense, who contributed to this outstanding project that was created by acting with this sense of responsibility.


In addition, I think the 'Modern Factory Project' in Kocaeli under the leadership of our Honorable Governor will start soon. Teaching and using this software of intenseye in these modern factories is of great importance.

It will be very important to introduce this software, starting from vocational and technical Anatolian high schools, before it comes to the workplace. It would be very good to raise awareness of the importance given to job and job security by informing our young students and our staff, whom we call intermediate staff, about the existence of such a software.

I am proud to host TİSK, which we have organic ties with through the Turkish Chemicals, Petroleum, Rubber and Plastics Industry Employers' Association KİPLAS, in our OIZ, and I would like to express my gratitude for the signing ceremony of this valuable organization in our OIZ.

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