Stellantis in Extensive Testing for Autonomous Driving Technology

Stellantis Under Extensive Testing for Autonomous Driving Technology
Stellantis in Extensive Testing for Autonomous Driving Technology

Stellantis, one of the world's leading automotive groups, participated in the 5G Automotive Association's (5GAA) tests of live 5G cellular connected vehicle communication and multi Access edge computing (MEC) technology. While the 5G Automotive Association tests real-time security notifications for vehicles and pedestrians using high-speed 5G cellular and multi-access edge computing (MEC) technology, Stellantis is the only automaker to take part in the Virginia test.

Stellantis plays an active role in several global initiatives to evaluate the management of large volumes of data, including 5G cellular technology, sizing and configuring in-vehicle computing capabilities. The brand plays an important role in the development of high-speed wireless communications, future connected services and transportation technologies, as well as vehicle autonomous features. In addition, connected vehicle innovation forms an important part of the Stellantis technology strategy, which is conveyed in the “Dare Forward 2030” strategic plan (Dare to 2030).

The test equipment used reports the vehicle's location to nearby infrastructure and receives emergency notifications from the cellular network to alert pedestrians and other vehicles. The 5GAA connected vehicle concept detects what the vehicle 'sees' by collecting detailed data using integrated cameras and sensor systems. Using a high-speed 5G cellular connection, the system collects data to identify pedestrians and approaching vehicles at the vehicle's location, and can quickly make decisions by identifying security risks.

“We are working to pave the way for autonomous technology”

Emphasizing that the main purpose of developing next-generation technologies is to make the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians, Stellantis Chief Technology Officer Ned Curic said, “Our car, which is equipped with V2X technologies and driving safety warning, has perfectly adapted to these live tests. . "With 5GAA, we're working with industry leaders around the world to improve our products and help pave the way for autonomous technology to make our customers' lives easier."

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