President Erdoğan: I Will Continue to Support the Cycling Tour of Turkey

I Will Continue to Support President Erdogan Turkey Cycling Tour
I Will Continue to Support President Erdoğan Cycling Tour of Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that his support for the organization will continue in the promotional booklet prepared for the 57th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey (Tour of Turkey) held under his auspices.

Expressing his happiness that the race continues with an increasing success rate, President Erdoğan, in his introductory article written in the promotional booklet of the organization that will start from Bodrum tomorrow and end in Istanbul on April 17, said, “The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, the only 'intercontinental cycling tour' in the world. We are happy to host athletes from different countries of the world in Turkey once again on the occasion of the 57th. We are pleased that the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, which started with the Marmara Tour in 1963 and attained an international standard in 1965, increases its success rate every year. I believe that the tour, which will start from Bodrum Castle on April 10 and end at Istanbul Atatürk Cultural Center on April 17, will present a visual feast to sports fans and our citizens together with our teams.” used the expressions.

Wishing success to the participants, President Erdoğan said:

“I would like to emphasize that I will continue to support this organization, which has important contributions both in terms of promoting our country and promoting and popularizing cycling, as the President. 'Welcome to Turkey' to all athletes, teams and country representatives participating in this important sports tournament. he says, I wish them success in advance. I congratulate all our institutions, especially the Turkish Cycling Federation, who supported the organization of the 57th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey.”

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