TMMOB Bursa: No Hotel Can Be Built on BURULAŞ Helipad

Hotel cannot be built on TMMOB Bursa BURULAS Helipad
Hotel cannot be built on TMMOB Bursa BURULAŞ Helipad

TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board made a press statement titled "Hotel cannot be built on BURULAŞ Helicopter".

Ferudun Tetik, Secretary of TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board, made the statement. The statement made by Tetik is as follows:

“As you know, in accordance with Article 135 of the Constitution, the professional organization in the nature of a public institution for the professions of engineering, architecture and urban planning established with the law numbered 6235; TMMOB (Association of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) has adopted the duty and purpose of protecting all the interests of the public and the country, as well as many duties such as meeting the common requirements of the members of engineering and architecture and protecting the professional discipline and morality.

While the Helipad, which has 252 islands and 8-49-50-51-52 islands in Bursa Province Nilüfer District Odunluk District, was planned as "Municipal Service Area", "Special Social Facility Area" and "Parking Park", the Plan Change was made and the Helipad was approved by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council. With the decision dated 29.09.2020 and numbered 1422, it was approved as "Trade + Tourism Area", "Special Social Facility Area", "Parking Area" and partially "Municipal Service Area".

To this Plan change, TMMOB Chamber of Architects Bursa Branch affiliated to TMMOB, Article 26 of the Spatial Plans Construction Regulation, states that “Improving social and technical infrastructure services in zoning plans is essential. He objected, citing the grounds that "the plan change that lowers the social and technical infrastructure standards stipulated in the current zoning plans cannot be made".

The Municipality Service Area and Parking Lot Area, which is also mentioned in the appeal petition, has been removed to 11.215 m2, Precedent = 1,75 and Height maximum 60 m. It is stated that the Plan has been changed to make Commerce and Tourism (Hotel)

In the Zoning Law, “Additional Article 8 – (Annex: 14/2/2020-7221/12 art.) “.. On the basis of parcels; zoning plan changes that increase the population, density of buildings, number of floors and height of buildings cannot be made.” Despite the provision, it is clear that there is no "Public Benefit" in this PLAN CHANGE, which considers the planned area as an "Area for Urban Transformation by Detection of Risky Buildings" without obtaining the opinion of the relevant institutions and organizations.

However, no other Academic Chamber or Institution objected to the plan change, nor did it file a lawsuit for the Suspension of Execution or the Cancellation of the Plan.

After the change was taken to the agenda at the February Ordinary Meeting of the TMMOB Provincial Coordination Board, the process of filing a lawsuit was initiated after the authorization of the TMMOB Bursa IKK Secretariat from TMMOB on 19 February 2022.

After the documents requested from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality regarding the plan change were received by the Provincial Coordination Board Secretariat on 24.03.2022, a Petition was prepared and submitted to the "Bursa Administrative Court".

As stated in the lawsuit petition containing the above-mentioned reasons and their legal and technical explanations, the Plan Amendment will bring new questions to the region, and there is no public interest. For this reason, it is necessary to stop the execution and cancel the plan change.

Here we would like to express once again that; As TMMOB, we are on the side of the public and the country, not the profit. We invite all Academic Chambers and Institutions in Bursa to be on the side of the public and the country, not the rent.

Günceleme: 19/04/2022 16:42

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