GÖKER Multi-Purpose Weapon System Shooting Tests Completed Successfully

GOKER Multi-Purpose Weapon System Firing Tests Successfully Completed
GÖKER Multi-Purpose Weapon System Shooting Tests Completed Successfully

In the 112th issue of ASELSAN Magazine, it was reported that the firing tests of the GÖKER 35 mm Multi-Purpose Weapon System were successfully completed.

In the journal; It was mentioned that the system, whose design, production and system testing processes have been completed, will be showcased at the 2021 Istanbul International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) and promotional activities have been carried out. According to the statement, the weapon system, which completed the operational tests after the fair, spent September and October 2021 at the shooting range of the Ministry of National Defense, Test Evaluation Group Command (ATDGK). Within the scope of the said tests, shots were made against both air and land targets, and the efficiency of the system was optimized. GÖKER, who successfully completed the high-paced work and fire tests of ASELSAN stakeholders, showed that it is ready to meet all the defense needs of fixed facilities and base areas.

The most cost-effective defense against current threats

Today's air threats include a class of small, mini, and micro drones, devices that are inexpensive and readily available compared to other aircraft. The devices in question can be used by terrorist elements in base areas to obtain intelligence information by taking photos and videos, as well as for offensive purposes.

With conventional air defense systems using relatively high-cost interceptors (missiles, guided ammunition, etc.), it is not possible to provide cost-effective physical destruction needs against swarm UAV attacks. For this reason, the use of low-cost interceptors and high-efficiency barreled weapon systems as the last layer of air defense is becoming a greater need. 35 mm air defense artillery systems, together with Particulate Ammunition (ATOM), constitute the most cost-effective solution against these threats, whose effectiveness is increasing today.

Considering the geography of our country, the land defense needs of fixed facilities in the border regions are increasing day by day. Attacks against such facilities are frequently carried out in the border regions of our country. The GÖKER project being worked on in this context is the 35 mm Multi-Purpose Weapon System, which offers the most cost-effective defense against current air and ground threats, blending the experience of ASELSAN in previous projects.

GÖKER 35 mm Multi-Purpose Weapon System

GÖKER's target set includes ground targets, helicopters, small, mini and micro unmanned aerial vehicles. This is a system that has the ability to use many different ammunition specialized in the target set and to increase its effectiveness against the target. GÖKER can use armor-piercing ammunition (APDS), training ammunition (TP), high-explosive fire ammunition (HEI) and smart ammunition (ATOM), (ATOM-AntiUAV).

GÖKER weapon system consists of three main parts: weapon system, precision guidance system and user console. The user console provides remote control of the system by placing it in a secure area located in the fixed facility base areas. Thanks to the TV, thermal cameras and laser distance meter on the precision guidance system, it can perform target detection and video tracking. The weapon system, on the other hand, has the chance to be camouflaged until the last shot. As long as the gun turret does not receive a directing command from the user console, it can only follow the target using the electro-optical system. GÖKER weapon system has level II armor protection according to STANAG4569 in order to have a robust structure against the possibility of being targeted.

Another of the most important capabilities of the GÖKER weapon system is the 360-degree mobility of the flank axis, as well as the operational capability between -35 and +95 degrees in the ascending axis. In this way, it can ensure the defense of border posts located in steep border regions against both land and air targets. GÖKER 35 mm Multi-Purpose Weapon System is a project financed entirely by ASELSAN's own resources.


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