Excitement Begins with Bodrum Rally in 2022 Turkish Rally Championship

Excitement Bodrum Rally Begins in Turkey Rally Championship
Excitement in Turkey Rally Championship Starts with Bodrum Rally

The excitement at the Shell Helix 2022 Turkey Rally Championship organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) begins in Muğla, Bodrum with the Bodrum Rally on April 15-17. Under the main sponsorship of ICRYPEX, the first rally of the 2022 season will be held by Karya Automobile Sports Club under the sponsorship of Bodrum Municipality, Solution Partner Agency, Oasis Bodrum, Salt Hayat, TAV Airports, Azka Hotel, Hillstone Bodrum, Very Chic Bodrum.

The organization, which consists of stages that expand to the entire peninsula and showcase all the beauties of Bodrum this year, will start with the start ceremony to be held in Bodrum Square on Friday, April 15th at 20.30. The fastest pilots of Turkey will be in Termera (Yeniköy), Sibda (Pınarlıbelen) and Telmessos (Guvercinlik) on Saturday, April 16, and Madanasa (Paradise Bay), Pedasa (Ust Konacık) and Thiangela (Çaması) on Sunday, April 17. they will pass the different special stage twice.

He received the Special Jury Award in the "Best Sports Event" category at the ACE of MICE Awards Congress, Meeting and Event Awards held last year. kazanThe organization, which is the first and only award-winning rally, will offer sports lovers an exciting and adrenaline-filled weekend this year.

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