Black Cumin Seed Support to the Farmer with Blending

Corek Grass Seed Support for Harmancik Farmers
Black Cumin Seed Support to the Farmer with Blending

In cooperation with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Livestock Development Association (HAGEL), Harmancık Municipality and Agriculture and Forestry District Directorate, 1600 kilos of black cumin seeds were distributed to farmers in Harmancık.

By expanding qualified agriculture in the mountain districts of Bursa, kazanThe Metropolitan Municipality, which aims both the growth of the region and the development of the region, continues its support to black seed growers. The Metropolitan Municipality, which is with the farmers in every field, distributed 55 kilograms of black cumin seeds to 1600 farmers in Harmancık district.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Süleyman Çelik said that serious support has been given to the mountain region in recent years. Stating that they aim to develop the region and not to leave empty agricultural lands, Deputy Chairman Çelik said, “Our lands will become more productive in a few years with the projects we have carried out and the distribution of seedlings, saplings and seeds. Within the scope of our efforts to make Bursa more livable, rural development steps come to the fore. By preventing migration from rural to urban, the producer is more kazanWe aim to increase the quality of life in rural areas. For this, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality undertakes the locomotive role in every field. Turkey's best quality black cumin is grown in this region. In this context, we distribute 55 kilograms of black cumin seeds to 1600 farmers. With the investments made, the production quality and diversity in Bursa will increase even more.”

Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Hamit Aygün said that in recent years, serious surpluses have been provided to farmers in the distribution of saplings and the development of agriculture. Stating that black cumin is very beneficial for human health, Hamit Aygün stated that most of the seeds produced in Keles are exported abroad. Expressing that 1600 farmers will benefit from 55 kilos of seeds distributed to farmers in Harmancık and 1600 acres will be fully planted, Aygün explained that the farmer will earn more than 4 million TL in the harvest season. Saying that Turkey's black cumin production is around 6 tons, Aygün said that a total of 500 tons of production was realized in Bursa, and this figure will reach 180 tons with the harvest to be made in Harmancık. Aygün congratulated the farmer who did not lose his determination to produce despite the increase in input costs.

Harmancık Mayor Yılmaz Ataş said that they distributed 12 thousand root quince saplings in the past years, and now they continue to support the farmers by distributing 1600 kilos of black cumin seeds. Ataş thanked Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and HAGEL and Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry for their support.

Harmancık District Governor Furkan Tuna said that the Harmancık region is very valuable and its people are determined. Stating that big things can be done with small investments, Tuna stated that they are always ready to support in order to meet the demands of the farmers.

After their speeches, black cumin seeds were delivered to the farmers by 'members of the protocol'.

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