Canakkale Strait Ferry Fees Raised After No Target on the Bridge!

Great Increase in Sea Transportation When Canakkale Bridge Is Empty
Canakkale Strait Ferry Fees Raised After No Target on the Bridge!

While the number of people crossing the 1915 Çanakkale Bosphorus Bridge remained quite low, citizens continued to use sea transportation due to the high price.

Despite the 30 percent hike in the new year, sea transportation was much more convenient than the bridge, and the government, who wanted to direct the people to the bridge, made another hike in sea transportation.

According to the news in the local press of Çanakkale, the increase since the beginning of the year has reached 75 percent, while the passenger fee of 6.50 TL has changed to 10 TL, the motorcycle fare of 25 TL to 40 TL, and the automobile toll of 95 TL to 135 TL. TL to TL, truck toll from 136 TL to 295 TL, TIR toll from 265 TL. It was increased to 400 TL.

When the bridge was opened, voyages were reduced.

The number of voyages of Eceabat-Çanakkale, Kilitbahir-Çanakkale and Lapseki-Gelibolu ferries forming the Çanakkale Strait line by GESTAŞ was greatly reduced immediately after the bridge opening, and this decision drew a reaction.

What is the daily cost of the bridge to the public?

Daily passages from the 45 Çanakkale Bridge, for which a daily guarantee of 1915 thousand vehicles were given, did not reach even half of the guarantee.

While the bridge has become a cost hump on the shoulders of the citizens with each passing day, Dünya newspaper columnist Alaattin Aktaş announced that only 1915 vehicles passed through the 27 Çanakkale Bridge on March 6 and explained the cost for one day as follows:

“Yesterday, 6 thousand vehicles passed the Çanakkale Bridge.
The daily guarantee is 45 thousand.
We paid for 39 thousand missing passes.
So 15 euros x 16.30 TL = 244.50 TL per vehicle.
39 TL x 244.50 thousand = 39 TL for 9.535.500 thousand vehicles.
9,5 million TL in one day!
And then they say don't get hung up on the numbers."

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