Application Deadline for Discounted Electricity 29 April

Application Deadline for Discounted Electricity April
Application Deadline for Discounted Electricity 29 April

Due to the rising energy prices, natural gas and electricity bills were among the most important agenda items of the citizens during the winter months. With the gradual increase in temperatures, the use of natural gas for heating will decrease, while electricity bills will replace natural gas bills in summer months. Because while the electricity bill of an average air conditioner exceeds 5 liras for an hour, the electricity suppliers comparison and replacement site underlined that up to 2022 percent was saved in bills by changing suppliers in 39, and explained that tradesmen should take precautions already by changing suppliers for the bills that will rise in the summer months. .

Electricity and natural gas prices have been on the agenda since the beginning of the year. Consumers, who expect their natural gas bills to decrease with the rise in air temperatures, will encounter electricity bills that will increase with the increasing use of air conditioners in the summer months. Because for a workplace that did not change suppliers last summer, an hourly electricity bill for an air conditioner was 2 TL, while this figure will be 5,5 TL for this summer. For home consumers, the bill for an hour's air conditioner usage, which was 1,6 TL last year, will come to at least 3,8 TL this summer. In short, natural gas bills, which are high in the winter months, will be replaced by electricity bills. Electricity bills will rise with the addition of freezers, which will become widespread in use in addition to air conditioners, and refrigerators, which will relatively increase in consumption, to electricity bills., the electricity suppliers comparison and replacement site, announced that tradesmen and industrialists should take precautions, change their electricity supplier and start using electricity at a cheaper price, in order to reduce the electricity bills that will increase in the summer months. The deadline to apply for discounted electricity is April 29.

The hourly cost of the air conditioner is 5,5 TL

Air conditioners, which are indispensable for all consumers, from touristic hotels to small shopkeepers, from homes to offices, will increase the already high electricity bills even more. With the cross-subsidy in electricity, industry and business owners continue to use electricity at much higher prices than home subscribers, while the increase in air-conditioning expenses with the warming of the air will cause the bills of non-home subscriber groups to rise significantly. Along with other seasonal factors, the summer months stand out as the months with the highest electricity consumption in Turkey. The average cost of an air conditioner used in a small business will be 5,5 TL per hour, while an hourly air conditioner cost in a slightly larger restaurant-like workplace will be an average of 57 TL. The additional cost to the monthly electricity bill of an air conditioner that works in a small business only during working hours will be over 1700 TL. In restaurants with a larger area, electricity bills will increase up to 17 thousand TL due to air conditioners alone. These costs can reach the level of millions for shopping malls and especially for touristic hotels.

Ice cream refrigerators will force small traders

For small traders, in addition to air conditioners, the costs of deep freezers and refrigerators will increase. In particular, grocery stores are already considering what the effect of ice cream cabinets, which must remain open 7/24, on electricity costs. Ice cream refrigerators, which need to be in continuous operation, have high electricity consumption. The average electricity cost of ice cream cabinets for one month is 480 TL. In addition, with the expected increase in electricity prices in July, the costs will increase even more. While tradesmen are already looking for solutions for this situation, it is said that some may find the solution not to sell ice cream.

Air conditioners will replace natural gas bills in residences.

Parallel to the temperature increases, especially the hot regions of Turkey have already turned off the combi boilers. Another item waiting for consumers who want to save money on combi boilers will be air conditioners for residences. While natural gas costs will decrease, electricity bills will increase with air conditioning. Especially in hot cities such as Antalya, Adana and İzmir, air conditioning expenses will double the natural gas bills. For example, when the air conditioner is operated 8 hours a day every day in a house, a high level of consumption will occur with the use of the air conditioner, and this will be reflected on the bill as an average of 950 TL.

Application deadline for discounted electricity in June is April 29

Changes in electricity suppliers are carried out within the scope of the legislation determined by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA). In this direction, while supplier changes are made for monthly periods, applications for June are currently open. The deadline to apply for discounted electricity in June is April 29. However, in order for the transactions to be completed correctly and on time, it is recommended that consumers apply a few days in advance.

Tradesmen and workplaces can use discounted electricity with supplier change

Business owners and industrial organizations can save on electricity bills by changing the electricity supplier. The supplier switching process, where mostly high-level electricity consumers have the chance to save with cost-based tariffs; With the acceleration of the market in the coming months and the increase in demand, it will become an important saving method for low consumption consumers. Consumers can change suppliers by coming to The number of subscribers who change their electricity supplier is increasing day by day. In March, in line with the developments in the market, household consumers started to change their electricity suppliers. According to's data, the increase in the number of consumers who change suppliers in the electricity market is a sign that competition in the market has started to develop again, and if this increase continues, it will be possible for all consumers to use relatively cheaper electricity.

Discounted electricity period started again with the change of electricity supplier

Evaluating this situation, energy economist and founder of Çağada Kırmızı said:

“The electricity market is essentially a free market and consumers can change electricity suppliers just as they change mobile operators. When it is heard that there is a hike in electricity prices, we are all concerned about it. However, because it is a free market, cheaper electricity is always possible. Electricity suppliers are able to supply consumers with cheaper electricity under all circumstances. Previously, these savings were directly in the form of fixed prices or fixed discounts, but due to the increasing uncertainty in the sector, electricity costs indexed tariffs are more popular. Suppliers add a reasonable profit rate to the market electricity costs and present this to the consumer in a transparent manner, and the consumer can choose the most attractive and change suppliers immediately. For example, there are suppliers who offer prices even below the cost with the prepayment condition. Consumers who chose this type of tariff saved 39 percent in January, 30 percent in February and 13 percent in March, on average. In this system, since the electricity prices in the electricity exchange are taken as a basis, the savings are lower in some months and higher in some months. It is essential for consumers to consider their 12-month savings in this system.”

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