Affordable Meat Sales Started in Başkent Markets

Affordable Meat Sales Started in Baskent Markets
Affordable Meat Sales Started in Başkent Markets

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality shows great interest in the affordable meat sales that the citizens started in Ramadan so that the citizens can eat healthy. Halk Bread Factory will continue to sell minced meat and cubed meat at affordable prices for one month in 4 Başkent Market Branches and 5 Factory Outlets.

Continuing to bring its products to the people of the Capital with its healthy, hygienic and affordable price policy, Halk Bread Factory has started affordable meat sales to be implemented during the month of Ramadan.

Affordable minced meat and cubed meats procured from producer cooperatives in Ankara are offered for sale in half and 1-kg packages at 4 Başkent Market Branches and 5 Factory Outlets.


The citizens of the Capital City showed great interest in the application, which was started by the Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory on April 1, 2022 and will be valid during the month of Ramadan.

Stating that they started selling meat at a more affordable price compared to chain markets in order to ensure a healthy diet for the citizens of the capital, Tamer Eski Ramazan, General Manager of Halk Bread Factory, gave the following information about the new application:

“We have started selling cubed and ground meat at affordable prices in 5 Factory Outlets and 4 Başkent Market Branches. We procure all of our meat from producer cooperatives in the surrounding districts of Ankara under hygienic conditions and bring them together with our customers. All of our meats are 100% local cuts and veal.”


People of Başkent, who thanked Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for his 'people-oriented' work and stated that they were able to bring together iftar tables with affordable meat in Ramadan, expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Victory Gedik: "We came to shop with my wife, we saw that minced meat and cubed meat were sold at affordable prices, and we were very happy about that."

Haci Bayram Demir: “I really liked this application, which was launched in this period of high cost of living. I would like to thank everyone who contributed.''

Aspire Can: ''We saw that minced meat was 100 TL at Halk Bread Factory. More affordable than other markets. This service provided by the Metropolitan Municipality is very level and clean. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mansur Yavaş, brought a new age to Beypazarı, and now he continues the same task in Ankara.”

Selahattin Ates: “I prefer Halk Bread Factory when shopping with my wife. Prices have risen quite a bit lately. We did our Ramadan shopping here because the products are of good quality and the prices are affordable.”

Mustafa Kocak: “At this time of high cost of living, the sale of minced meat and cubes at affordable prices initiated by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is a very appropriate practice. I heard about this application on the radio, thank you.”

Cevdet Turkmen: "Citizens could not buy anything because of the high cost of living, thanks to this service of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, citizens will be able to eat ground beef and cubed meat at an affordable price."

Ayten Akin: “I bought minced meat that I will try for the first time, there is a 40-50 TL difference with the market, no matter how you look at it. We thank you."

Mr. Ekrem: “Thank you for the app, it's a good app. I look forward to the continuation.”

Mr. Zulfiya: “Very good app. It's my first time coming to Başkent Market, we researched it and we're going to buy meat products. Thank you very much. Happy ramadan."

Yunus Altun: “I am a student. We are in difficult times. Thanks to Mansur President who made this beautiful application.”

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