Base Station Integrated into Aksungur UAV Platform

Base Station Integrated into Aksungur UAV Platform
Base Station Integrated into Aksungur UAV Platform

For the first time, a civilian base station was integrated into the AKSUNGUR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platform, which was developed as a Medium Altitude Long Stay in Air (MALE+) class by Turkish Aerospace Industries. With this capability, mobile communication will be provided uninterruptedly over DataLink systems in case of disasters.

A new capability for AKSUNGUR, Turkey's first twin-engine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. kazanyelled. For the first time, uninterrupted mobile phone calls were provided through the civilian base station integrated into the platform with a payload capacity of 750 kg. Thanks to this capability, the first tests carried out with the mobile data support provided by Turkcell were successfully completed, Aksungur; It will be able to serve as a base station as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance activities in disasters such as fire and earthquake.

Base station feature kazanSharing his views on the newly launched AKSUNGUR UAV, Turkish Aerospace Industry General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil “A new dimension in end-to-end communication with the base station integrated into our AKSUNGUR kazanwe nagged. With this capability, which will allow uninterrupted mobile communication in disaster situations, AKSUNGUR will be able to provide air support as a mobile base station if needed.”

AKSUNGUR UAV, which has two twin turbocharged engines that allow long-term operations up to 40.000 ft, can accommodate EO/IR, SAR and SIGINT payloads. The platform, which made its first flight in 2019, has a record of 50 hours in the air. AKSUNGUR, which performed fire detection and surveillance missions in Adana within the body of the General Directorate of Forestry last year, now has 2 in the inventory of the Naval Forces Command.

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