Circular 'Combating Violence Against Women 2022 Action Plan' from the Ministry of Interior

Action Plan Circular on Combating Violence Against Women from the Ministry of the Interior
Circular 'Combating Violence Against Women 2022 Action Plan' from the Ministry of Interior

A circular containing the 81 Action Plan for Combating Violence Against Women was sent to 2022 Provincial Governorships by the Ministry of Interior. In the circular; The objectives of providing training to 5 million men, increasing the number of electronic handcuffs to 1500, reaching 5 million KADES application downloads, increasing the number of women's guesthouses, and providing training to 110 thousand law enforcement personnel came to the fore.

5 Main Goals, 28 Sub-Goals Determined

Combating Violence Against Women IV, covering the years 2021-2025. With the circular prepared in line with the National Action Plan, it is aimed to achieve permanent and effective success in the fight against violence against women. In this context; 5 main objectives were determined, consisting of access to justice and legislation, policy and coordination, protective and preventive services, social awareness, data and statistics. The 2022 Action Plan included 28 sub-targets and 110 performance indicators related to these sub-goals.

Number of Women's Guesthouses to be increased

According to the circular sent by our Ministry to 81 Provincial Governorships; The number of women's shelters will be increased. In this context, in Article 5393 of the Municipality Law No. 14, “Metropolitan municipalities and municipalities with a population of over 100.000 are obliged to open guesthouses for women and children.” Necessary follow-up will be made in line with the provision, and at least 2022 new women's guesthouses/shelters will be opened by the relevant municipalities in 10.

Risky Cases Will Be Followed

A risk management team will be formed from the representatives of the relevant institutions and law enforcement personnel will be assigned to follow up the cases that recur and are considered to be in high or very high risk groups.

A new data integration system will be established that will instantly notify law enforcement units during their release from penitentiary institutions of detainees/convicts whose divorce process is ongoing or who had a precautionary decision pursuant to Law No. 6284. Risk assessment parameters will be updated every year in line with the data obtained from the Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence Event Record and Risk Assessment Form, which was created on February 1, 2021 for the purpose of effectively combating violence against women and is used in all law enforcement units.

5 Million Men Will Be Trained

According to the circular sent with 81, men will be trained on domestic violence and violence against women. In this context, basic information and awareness-raising trainings in the field of combating violence against women will be provided to at least 5 million men throughout the year in coordination with the relevant institutions and organizations.

Privacy Decisions Will Be Enforced Immediately

Within the scope of the efforts to put forth the effective fight against violence against women; Confidentiality decisions taken for the protection of the victim will be implemented immediately by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, the General Directorate of Security, the Gendarmerie General Command and other relevant institutions and organizations under the coordination of the General Directorate of Provincial Administration. İZDES delegations across 81 provinces will conduct an examination in order to identify the deficiencies in the field of combating violence against women. The findings, information, findings and evaluations to be obtained by the İZDES delegations as a result of the field work will be presented to the implementing units and measures will be taken. In the circular, within the scope of prevention of violence against women; There were also measures to prepare Emergency Plans by the AFAD Presidency, to provide awareness trainings to foreign nationals by the Directorate of Migration Management and to inform them about the legal framework in Turkey.

Capacity to be increased in Electronic Clamp

According to the 2022 Action Plan to Combat Violence Against Women, the Women's Support Application (KADES), which is used by 3.4 million women, will reach 5 million downloads by the end of the year. The number of electronic clamps, which are monitored 7/24 within the body of our Ministry, will be increased from 1000 to 1500, and the capacity will be increased by 50 percent. Within the scope of the circular, it is envisaged that the number of units that can be monitored instantly in the electronic clamp center will be increased from 12 to 24, increasing the capacity by 100 percent.

The Number of Bureau Chiefs Will Be Increased, 110 Thousand Law Enforcement Personnel Will Be Trained

In the circular, it was noted that the capacity of the units of the General Directorate of Security and the Gendarmerie General Command to combat violence against women would be further increased. Within the scope of the circular, the number of division directorates/departmental heads of combating violence against women and domestic violence within the General Command of Gendarme will be increased from 97 to 127. After the necessary training is given to the bureau chiefs of combating violence against women and domestic violence within the General Directorate of Security, 1.000 new Police reinforcements will be made. In 2022, within the scope of informing law enforcement personnel against violence against women, training will be given to a total of 50.000 personnel, including 10.000 senior Gendarmerie personnel, 5.000 non-commissioned officers and security personnel, 50.000 of whom work in the bureaus of combating domestic violence and violence against women. In addition, the same awareness training will be provided to all students/trainees studying at the Police Academy, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy.

A Handbook on Intervention in Cases of Violence Against Women to be Developed

In the event of violence against women, the Intervention Handbook on Violence Against Women will be prepared and distributed as a guide in order for law enforcement personnel to take action based on risk management.

Emphasis will be placed on Education and Information Studies

It will be ensured that Provincial/District Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Commissions for Combating Violence Against Women meet every three months under the chairmanship of the Governor/District Governor. Various campaigns and activities will be organized to raise public awareness and to receive the support of various segments of the society (muhtars, teachers, artists, athletes, etc.) in order to ensure the total fight against violence against women. Trainings will continue to increase the effectiveness and awareness of local administrators in combating violence against women, and within this framework, all district governors will receive training in 2022.

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