10 Million Dollars Factory Investment from Sigma Elektrik

Million Dollar Factory Investment from Sigma Electricity
10 Million Dollars Factory Investment from Sigma Elektrik

Turkey's long-established brand in the low voltage switchgear industry, Sigma Elektrik continues its investments in line with its future goals. Focusing on new product development and exporting to new countries, Sigma strengthens the foundations of its targets with its new factory, which it plans to start production at the end of 2022.

Sigma Elektrik, which directs the low voltage sector in Turkey and the world with its domestic production, is establishing a new factory to meet the increasing demand. The company will increase its capacity by 10 times with its new factory, in which it has invested 2022 million dollars and plans to start production at the end of 2,5. The company, which has a product range of more than 20 in 800 main product groups, aims to increase its product range by 10 percent, while the factory will also offer new employment opportunities for 200 people. The factory, which will have a closed area of ​​15 thousand square meters in Istanbul Sancaktepe, will also invest in automated production as well as existing production techniques.

200 people will be employed in the new factory

Sigma Elektrik General Manager Murat Akgül, who underlined that they met some of the factory investment from foreign sources and some from their equity capital, said, “Our priority at the factory will be to expand our product range. With our new facility, we focused on increasing our product range by 10% in the first stage. We have completed our mold investments for new machinery and equipment and new product groups in our factory. We also plan to increase automation in our current production techniques and technologies. In addition, with the green transformation in energy, we will focus on achieving this transformation in our products. We will employ approximately 200 people in our factory, where we aim to start production at the end of the year.”

“Our new factory will further enlarge our door to the world”

Akgül concluded his words as follows: “As Sigma, we export 40 percent of our production to 87 countries today. We aim to increase our export rate from 20 percent to 40 percent with the growth in exports, which is 50 percent every year, and to reach 100 countries in exports. We will further strengthen our export offensive with our new factory, which we have positioned at the base of many of our goals, from production to human resources, from new products to technologies. With our new factory, we will bring our "Made in Turkey" stamped Sigma products and our energy to more countries. Our new factory will further enlarge our door to the world.”

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